Merry Christmas to all Futsal Focus Followers

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Best wishes and Merry Christmas to all of Futsal Focus followers

November this year marked 5 years of Futsal Focus, and since then, outside of Futsal Focus own development, the Futsal industry has experienced remarkable growth around the world and such a short time frame, and 2018 is a perfect example of positive growth.

February next year, Slovenia will welcome the 2018 UEFA Futsal EUROs, May will see the second edition of the AFC Women’s Futsal Championships and from August, the UEFA Futsal Cup will be known as the UEFA Futsal Champions League. In September, Sweden will join many nations around the world with a national league playing from Autumn to Spring. The Swedish Football League (SEF) and the Swedish Futsal League (SFL) decided to work together to develop the SFL. A historical decision for Swedish futsal as the futsal clubs from now on are a part of the Swedish Football League, although as their own branch. Northern Ireland’s development has been incredible for such a short space of time. Two years of development has so far delivered a Mens and Womens National teams and National Leagues, and they have competed in two Home Nations Tournaments alongside plans for grassroots and youth development. Argentina will celebrate hosting the Youth Olympics, and for the first time, Futsal is taking part in the Olympic programme. This development has been followed by France announcing their decision to include Futsal as a demonstration sport when they host the (Senior) Olympics in 2024. In the United States, a number of Major League Soccer Clubs including New York FC and Orlando FC announced their intentions to develop Futsal courts for the  inner city communities and they have been joined by City Mayors and private investment in many other States across the country and the Professional Futsal League (PFL) aim to start their first season in 2019.

Futsal Focus is also working on our own projects to aid the promotion and development of Futsal and looking forward to making our own announcements in 2018.