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Ryan Jago’s Futsal Journey: From English Futsal to Coaching the Namibia National Futsal Team

Ryan Jago, appointed Namibia's first futsal head coach shares his journey from English futsal to preparing Namibia's national team for the Futsal Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

Road to Glory: UEFA Qualifying Unveiled for Inaugural FIFA Futsal Women’s World Cup 2025

Embarking on a historic journey, the UEFA region gears up for the first-ever FIFA Futsal Women's World Cup in 2025.

Futsal EURO 2026 Preliminary Round Draw Unveils Groups

The recent draw for the Futsal EURO 2026 preliminary round has set the stage with three groups formed, showcasing intense competition among 12 nations aiming for the coveted six spots in the main round.

Launch of Women’s National Futsal Teams by England, and Norway Marks Historic Milestone

As these nations gear up to compete on the international stage, the historic decision not only amplifies the voices of female futsal players but also ignites a fresh wave of inspiration for generations to come.

Damon Shaw Reflects on his Time with Kurukuru: A Journey of Triumphs, Challenges, and Hope for the Future

Damon Shaw's tenure as head coach of the Solomon Islands futsal team has come to an end, and he reflects on the highs and lows of this pivotal chapter. In an exclusive interview, Shaw shares insights into the team's journey, the challenges faced, and his optimism for the future of…

Legacy Forged: Jimbee Cartagena’s Unprecedented Triumph in the Spanish Futsal Supercup

Delve into Coach Duda's insights in an exclusive interview with Futsal Focus, as Jimbee Cartagena celebrates a historic triumph in the Spanish Futsal Supercup final.

CONMEBOL Copa América Futsal 2024: Groups and Tournament Structure Unveiled

Get ready for a fierce showdown at the CONMEBOL Copa América Futsal 2024. Brazil and Argentina lead a competitive field, including rising stars Uruguay, and consistent performers Peru and Bolivia. Coach Marquinhos Xavier outlines Brazil's goals: World Cup qualification and championship victory.

Hamish Grey, New Zealand International joins Zambú CFS Pinatar, Spain

Zambú CFS Pinatar welcomes Hamish Grey, an OFC Futsal Nations Cup champion with New Zealand, to its ranks. Hamish arrival adds a new dimension to the team's quest for Segunda División promotion.

Morocco Secures Hosting Duties for 2024 Futsal Africa Cup of Nations, Building on Sporting Success

Morocco is set to host the 2024 Futsal Africa Cup of Nations. The tournament not only showcases Africa's futsal nations, but will also act as a crucial qualifier for the 2024 Uzbekistan FIFA Futsal World Cup.

Derrick Kwatei Quartey Makes History as Ghana’s First FIFA Futsal Referee

Derrick Kwatei Quartey makes history as Ghana's first FIFA Futsal Referee. Featured in FIFA's 2024 Referees list, his journey started in 2011, now officiating in CAF and FIFA Futsal competitions.