Stephen McGettigan

Massimiliano Bellarte “Promote futsal for futsal player development, not football”

Exclusive to Futsal Focus - Recently appointed the Italy National Futsal Head Coach Maximilliano Bellarte discusses futsal in Italy, their national team, and his thoughts concerning the industry.

Wondering where to watch the UEFA Futsal Champions League Final Four?

Wondering where you can watch the UEFA Futsal Champions League Final Four?? Then click on this article to see a list of channels.

Australian futsal experiencing hard times but is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Futsal Focus takes a look at Australian Futsal news concerning Futsal Oz, the Australian Futsal Association, Rhys Buick, and the Football Federation of Australia.

Format proposals for the future of the UEFA Futsal Champions League competition

Exclusive to Futsal Focus: Valerio Scalabrelli has put together format proposals that he thinks will help improve the UEFA Futsal Champions League for you to read, discuss and consider!

What next for Futsal in England???

The English FA pulled their support for the development of futsal blaming COVID 19 for their reasoning leading to a backlash domestically and internationally.

The RFEF presents the “Advance 24” Program to futsal clubs, with 8 million euros to promote the sport

Advance 24 will see First Division clubs that join the program receive 60,000 fixed euros and 30,000 variable euros for each season

An open letter to the English Football Association from Al Tindall Carlisle Futsal Club

Carlisle Futsal Club founder and first-team coach Al Tindall voices his concerns for futsal in England which has resonated with many in the futsal community.

UK Government has approved the FA’s plan for the return of indoor competitive Futsal and Football

Great news for Futsal in England as the UK Government has approved the FA's plan for the return of indoor competitive Futsal and Football.

2020/21 UEFA Futsal Champions League rounds replaced by single-leg knock-out rounds

UEFA Futsal Champions League Preliminary Round, Main Round, and Elite Round (all originally planned with mini-tournaments) will be replaced by single-leg knock-out rounds,

The start of the First RFEF Futsal season is brought forward to October 4

Initially, it was thought that the RFEF competitions would begin on October 18 but this has now officially confirmed as beginning on the 4 October for the First Division of Men's futsal.

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