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Futsal AFCON Qualifiers: Stunning Comebacks and Historic Achievements

Discover the thrilling journey of the Futsal AFCON Qualifiers, where Ghana, Namibia, Libya, and Zambia secured their spots with stunning comebacks and historic achievements

Brazil Clinched Copa America Futsal Glory with Victory Over rivals Argentina

In a riveting clash of futsal titans, Brazil asserted their dominance over rivals Argentina, securing a historic 2-0 victory to claim their eleventh Copa America title.

Navigating Challenges and Aspiring for Growth: A Deep Dive into the State of Futsal in Estonia

Explore the current state of Futsal in Estonia with insights from Rene Kolsar, co-founder of Ravens Futsal Club. Delve into the challenges faced, including age gaps and facility constraints, as Estonia strives to catch up with…

Thrilling Showdowns Mark the 2024 Africa Futsal Cup of Nations Preliminary Round First-Leg Matches

Get ready for futsal fireworks! Mozambique edges past Zambia, Namibia aiming to fight back, and Libya and Algeria set for an intense second leg. Ivory Coast dominates, and Cameroon's disqualification shakes things up. The 2024 Africa…

European University Futsal Championship Unites 27 Nations for an Unforgettable Sports Spectacle

The 13th European University Futsal Championship taking place in Split, Croatia, unites 27 nations and 700 participants from 27 universities, showcasing talented players and entertaining matches.

Pokémon Futsal Youth Cup: Over 1,000 teams from 32 counties in England took part

The winners of the Pokémon Futsal Youth Cup have been announced, following a season that saw over a thousand teams from 32 counties participate in the competition.

Legacy Forged: Jimbee Cartagena’s Unprecedented Triumph in the Spanish Futsal Supercup

Delve into Coach Duda's insights in an exclusive interview with Futsal Focus, as Jimbee Cartagena celebrates a historic triumph in the Spanish Futsal Supercup final.

Jimbee Cartagena Secures Historic Victory, Clinches First-Ever Title

Jimbee Cartagena's historic triumph in the Spanish Futsal Supercup final marked a turning point, securing their inaugural title in a stunning comeback against FC Barcelona.

Road to Glory: UEFA Qualifying Unveiled for Inaugural FIFA Futsal Women’s World Cup 2025

Embarking on a historic journey, the UEFA region gears up for the first-ever FIFA Futsal Women's World Cup in 2025.

Futsal EURO 2026 Preliminary Round Draw Unveils Groups

The recent draw for the Futsal EURO 2026 preliminary round has set the stage with three groups formed, showcasing intense competition among 12 nations aiming for the coveted six spots in the main round.

betPawa Injects 72 million UGX in Futsal Super League, Uganda

Read about the game-changing dynamics of betPawa's 'Locker Room Bonus' and the monumental 72 million UGX sponsorship that's transforming the Futsal Super League in Uganda.

Futsal Nigeria Development: An Interview with Coordinator Shamsudeen Tijani Yusuf

Explore our exclusive interview with Shamsudeen Tijani Yusuf, Coordinator at Futsal Nigeria, as he shares insights into revitalizing Futsal in Nigeria. From NFF partnerships to overcoming funding challenges, delve into the transformative journey of Futsal Nigeria

Futsal and Proud host André Caro talks with Rodrigo Saldanha, Uddevalla Futsal Head Coach

Futsal & Proud podcast: Uddevalla Futsal Club (Sweden) Head Coach Rodrigo Saldanha talks to Futsal Focus' Futsal & Proud host André Caro about his life and career in futsal and journalism.

Watch Futsal & Proud full interview with Westcliff University Coach Ivan Todorovic

Want to play futsal at an American University with a full scholarship? Watch this interview and find out what kind of students/ players they are looking for and more!

Futsal & Proud show: Want to play futsal at an American University with a scholarship?

Ivan Todorovic, head coach of the Westcliff University Futsal program in America talks with Futsal & Proud host Andre Caro about their futsal program, recruitment process, their scholarship, who can apply and how you can apply,…

Full interview: Futsal & Proud host Andre Caro interviews Argentina goalkeeper Nico Sarmiento

Exclusive interview: Nico Sarmiento is a world cup and Adidas Golden Glove winner in 2016, a finalist runner up in 2021, and a Copa America de Futsal winner in 2022.