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Elevating Futsal: The Path from Amateurism to Professional Amateurism

Omagh Futsal Club has demonstrated what can be achieved when grassroots passion aligns with professional ambition. This article uses the club as an inspiration to outline the steps clubs need to take to transition from amateurism…

Muhammad Usman Musa’s Move to Jimbee Cartagena: A Milestone for Thai and Spanish Futsal

Muhammad Usman Musa’s move to Spanish champions Jimbee Cartagena is a landmark moment for Thai futsal, boosting its global visibility and enriching the European scene. This transfer highlights the growing international influence of both Thai and…

Daisuke Matsui’s Vision for Japanese Futsal

Daisuke Matsui, newly appointed chairman of the Japan Futsal Top League, has outlined a comprehensive strategy to elevate Japanese futsal.

Strength and Speed ​​Profile of a Finnish Under-19 Futsal National Team Player

This thesis studies the speed and power profile of a Finnish under-19 futsal national team player to establish performance reference values. Key metrics include squats, deadlifts, jumps, and sprints, with data from 2021-2023 team camps.

Canada Soccer Teams Up with World Champion Portugal for Unique Futsal Coaching Program

Canada Soccer will start a transformative journey in futsal coaching, teaming up with Portugal, the reigning FIFA Futsal World Champions, to offer a coaching license opportunity, led by Jorge Braz, Portugal's head coach, to elevate the…

Unveiling the Complexities of Futsal’s Coaching Landscape

"Unveiling the Complexities of Futsal’s Coaching Landscape" provides a detailed exploration of the complexities within futsal coaching education and governance.

Possible Rule Changes in Futsal: Spanish Clubs and RFEF Discuss Proposed Adjustments

Explore potential adjustments to futsal rules as Spanish clubs and the RFEF discuss proposed changes that could reshape the game. Key proposals include goalkeeper restrictions and optional hand or foot throw-ins, aiming to enhance tactical depth…

Tino Pérez Appointed New FC Barcelona Futsal Coach

FC Barcelona has appointed veteran futsal coach Tino Pérez as their new head coach, succeeding Jesús Velasco. Pérez, a celebrated figure in futsal with a decorated career spanning Spain, Russia, and Italy, has signed a contract…

England Futsal’s Financial Challenges And Optimism Amid International Draw Milestones

England Futsal faces financial challenges and uncertainty as they prepare for UEFA and FIFA tournaments. We reached out to both England Futsal and The FA for comments on these pressing issues.

Futsal Women’s World Cup European Qualifying Main Round Draw

The European qualifying draw for the FIFA Futsal Women's World Cup has set up six groups, with hosts pre-selected for five. Teams will compete from October 15-20, 2024, aiming to qualify for the 2025 World Cup…

Navigating the Intersection of Futsal and Indoor Soccer: A Critical Analysis

Discover the pivotal debate surrounding the direction of American futsal. Delve into the insights of key figures like Otto Orf and Keith Tozer as they weigh in on the influence of Indoor Soccer and the future…

Introducing the Philippines’ High 5 Futsal League: Elevating Philippine Futsal to New Heights

In a landscape traditionally dominated by basketball, the High 5 Futsal League emerges as a beacon of hope and excitement, ushering in a new era of sports in the Philippines, led by the visionary Vic Hermans…

Futsal and Proud host André Caro talks with Rodrigo Saldanha, Uddevalla Futsal Head Coach

Futsal & Proud podcast: Uddevalla Futsal Club (Sweden) Head Coach Rodrigo Saldanha talks to Futsal Focus' Futsal & Proud host André Caro about his life and career in futsal and journalism.

Watch Futsal & Proud full interview with Westcliff University Coach Ivan Todorovic

Want to play futsal at an American University with a full scholarship? Watch this interview and find out what kind of students/ players they are looking for and more!

Futsal & Proud show: Want to play futsal at an American University with a scholarship?

Ivan Todorovic, head coach of the Westcliff University Futsal program in America talks with Futsal & Proud host Andre Caro about their futsal program, recruitment process, their scholarship, who can apply and how you can apply,…

Full interview: Futsal & Proud host Andre Caro interviews Argentina goalkeeper Nico Sarmiento

Exclusive interview: Nico Sarmiento is a world cup and Adidas Golden Glove winner in 2016, a finalist runner up in 2021, and a Copa America de Futsal winner in 2022.