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CAF Draw for Futsal Africa Cup of Nations 2024 Qualifiers to take place in December

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) gears up for the Futsal Africa Cup of Nations 2024 qualifiers, with the draw scheduled for the last week of December 2023. Read the article to find out who is…

Revolutionizing Women’s Futsal: UEFA Unveils Expanded Championship Format for 2027

UEFA responds to the FIFA Futsal Women's World Cup by cancelling the 2024-25 European Women's Futsal Championship for a transformative move to a four-year cycle. With teams increasing from four to eight, the UEFA Women's Futsal…

Baltic Triumph: Latvia and Lithuania to Co-Host UEFA Futsal EURO 2026

Latvia and Lithuania make history by securing the hosting rights for UEFA Futsal EURO 2026. Riga and Kaunas will host the 16-team finals from January 18 to February 8, 2026, marking a significant milestone for both…

Iberian Powerhouses: Barça, Benfica, Palma, and Sporting CP Clinch Spots in UEFA Futsal Champions League Finals

In a groundbreaking development, the UEFA Futsal Champions League finals will feature an exclusive quartet of past winners: FC Barcelona, SL Benfica, Mallorca Palma Futsal, and Sporting CP. Emerging victorious from the elite round, these Iberian…

European University Futsal Championship Unites 27 Nations for an Unforgettable Sports Spectacle

The 13th European University Futsal Championship taking place in Split, Croatia, unites 27 nations and 700 participants from 27 universities, showcasing talented players and entertaining matches.

Pokémon Futsal Youth Cup: Over 1,000 teams from 32 counties in England took part

The winners of the Pokémon Futsal Youth Cup have been announced, following a season that saw over a thousand teams from 32 counties participate in the competition.

UEFA Futsal Champions League Elite Round Draw: The Path to Glory Unveiled

The UEFA Futsal Champions League elite round draw promises intense matchups. As the futsal world eagerly anticipates this exhilarating display, we delve into the intriguing narratives surrounding the participating teams.

A closer look at the UEFA Futsal Champions League Main Round

This article dives into the latest happenings of the competition. Explore the two distinct paths, notable highlights from various groups, and intriguing team facts and milestones.

Funding Disparities in Deaf Futsal: A Critical Analysis of FA’s Approach

Our article dissects Sky Sports' coverage of the England Men's Deaf Futsal team, exploring funding challenges, personal sacrifices, and questioning the FA's commitment to equity in futsal.

Futsal Whites’ Oceania Triumph and World Cup Aspirations

Following their Oceania Nations Cup victory and a spot in the FIFA Futsal World Cup, we explore New Zealand's journey. We consider their preparations, the choices in international friendlies, and their quest for global success

betPawa Injects 72 million UGX in Futsal Super League, Uganda

Read about the game-changing dynamics of betPawa's 'Locker Room Bonus' and the monumental 72 million UGX sponsorship that's transforming the Futsal Super League in Uganda.

Futsal Nigeria Development: An Interview with Coordinator Shamsudeen Tijani Yusuf

Explore our exclusive interview with Shamsudeen Tijani Yusuf, Coordinator at Futsal Nigeria, as he shares insights into revitalizing Futsal in Nigeria. From NFF partnerships to overcoming funding challenges, delve into the transformative journey of Futsal Nigeria

Futsal and Proud host André Caro talks with Rodrigo Saldanha, Uddevalla Futsal Head Coach

Futsal & Proud podcast: Uddevalla Futsal Club (Sweden) Head Coach Rodrigo Saldanha talks to Futsal Focus' Futsal & Proud host André Caro about his life and career in futsal and journalism.

Watch Futsal & Proud full interview with Westcliff University Coach Ivan Todorovic

Want to play futsal at an American University with a full scholarship? Watch this interview and find out what kind of students/ players they are looking for and more!

Futsal & Proud show: Want to play futsal at an American University with a scholarship?

Ivan Todorovic, head coach of the Westcliff University Futsal program in America talks with Futsal & Proud host Andre Caro about their futsal program, recruitment process, their scholarship, who can apply and how you can apply,…

Full interview: Futsal & Proud host Andre Caro interviews Argentina goalkeeper Nico Sarmiento

Exclusive interview: Nico Sarmiento is a world cup and Adidas Golden Glove winner in 2016, a finalist runner up in 2021, and a Copa America de Futsal winner in 2022.