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Has the pendulum swung in English Futsal?

Ahead of this weekend's exciting FA National Futsal Series Final between Manchester Futsal Club and Bloomsbury Futsal, this article reviews and provides an insight into the history of futsal in England, problems it has faced but…

U.S Soccer announce Sascha Filippi as Interim Head Coach of Men’s Futsal National Team

U.S Soccer announced yesterday that Sascha Filippi as the Interim Head Coach of Men's Futsal National Team but we look at the work of his predecessor Dusan Jakica and ask the question; why was this change…

Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, France, and Belgium bid to host the 2026 UEFA Futsal EURO

Finland announced its bid to host the 2026 UEFA Futsal European Championship today, therefore, Futsal Focus reviews why each nations is interested to host the competition.

Solomon Islands continue their OFC Futsal Cup preparations with a trip to Vietnam

The Solomon Islands continue their Oceania Football Confederation Futsal Cup preparations with a trip to Vietnam. It will be interesting to see how New Zealand will prepare in order to fend off the Kurukuru challenge, retain…

What is going on with Welsh futsal development?

Futsal development in Wales has been stifled in recent years due to a reliance on the Football Association to develop the sport, but it's time for entrepreneurship in the U.K. to take a lead in the…

Football New South Wales 2023 Futsal Schools Championships kicked off

2023 Futsal Schools Championships kicked off across the Blacktown region at the Stanhope Leisure Centre where over 23 different schools took part.

UEFA Futsal Champions League Final press conferences

Futsal Focus looks back on the semi-finals of the UEFA Futsal Champions League but also brings you news from the final's press conferences ahead of today's third-place and fourth-place play and the final.

Anderlecht and Palma Futsal aim to make an impact in the Final Four

Today, the UEFA Futsal Champions League Final Four will kick off. Anderlecht and Palma are debutants at this stage but are eager to make an impact. We spoke with RSC Anderlecht General Manager Lieven Baert who…

7th edition of the Arab Futsal Cup, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The draw for the seventh edition of the Arab Futsal Cup was held on Tuesday in Jeddah ahead of the tournament taking place in the Kingdom from June 6-16.

Solomon Islands wins the Extra Supermarket Melanesian Futsal Cup

English Futsal Coach Damon Shaw wins his first trophy as the new Head Coach of the Solomon Islands; the 2023 Extra Supermarket Melanesian Futsal Cup, Fiji

Futsal behind bars: looking for a second chance through futsal

Futsal is a sport practiced in all parts of the world, even in the most restricted places, futsal crosses borders, and even bars. Futsal Focus spoke with Blanche Aliño, Community Relations Service Officer and Spokesperson of…

Nathaniel Markwei discusses the new futsal project in Ghana

Nathaniel Markwei, Ghana Football Association's Futsal Committee Chairman, talks to Futsal Focus followers about their ambitious plans for futsal, not just domestically, but on the international stage as well.

Futsal and Proud host André Caro talks with Rodrigo Saldanha, Uddevalla Futsal Head Coach

Futsal & Proud podcast: Uddevalla Futsal Club (Sweden) Head Coach Rodrigo Saldanha talks to Futsal Focus' Futsal & Proud host André Caro about his life and career in futsal and journalism.

Watch Futsal & Proud full interview with Westcliff University Coach Ivan Todorovic

Want to play futsal at an American University with a full scholarship? Watch this interview and find out what kind of students/ players they are looking for and more!

Futsal & Proud show: Want to play futsal at an American University with a scholarship?

Ivan Todorovic, head coach of the Westcliff University Futsal program in America talks with Futsal & Proud host Andre Caro about their futsal program, recruitment process, their scholarship, who can apply and how you can apply,…

Full interview: Futsal & Proud host Andre Caro interviews Argentina goalkeeper Nico Sarmiento

Exclusive interview: Nico Sarmiento is a world cup and Adidas Golden Glove winner in 2016, a finalist runner up in 2021, and a Copa America de Futsal winner in 2022.