Futsal Coaching

Physiological and Anthropometric Determinants of Performance Levels in Professional Futsal
The aims of this study were to evaluate anthropometric and physiological variables that may contribute to distinguishing among performance levels in professional futsal players and to evaluate correlates of those variables.
Comparison of the Response of Perceived Exertion, Blood Lactate, VO2 max and Maximum Heart Rate during a Match in Elite Soccer and Futsal Players
Futsal Research: The study seeks to compare the response of perceived exertion, blood lactate, VO2 max and maximum heart rate during a match in elite soccer and futsal players.
Marc Forrest joins the coaching staff of professional Futsal club, Peñíscola FS
Marc Forrest joins the coaching staff of one of the most famous Spanish professional Futsal clubs, Peñíscola FS, partner club of Villarreal CF based in the province of Castellón.
Futsal Coach Zego discusses Argentina's missed world cup final opportunity
Argentina missed a chance to equalise in the FIFA Futsal World Cup Final. Legendary futsal coach Zego gives his thoughts on this missed opportunity.
London based charity supporting young people’s wellbeing through Futsal
London based charity - Futsal Stars Foundation, supporting the physical and mental wellbeing of young people through Futsal and football coaching.
Development of Defensive Actions in Small-Sided and Conditioned Games with Offensive Purposes in Futsal
Futsal research: This study analyzed the indirect effects of an intervention program, based on NLP in decision-making and execution in defensive technical–tactical actions in U16 futsal.
A case study looking at Libya's preparations for the 2020 Africa Futsal Cup of Nations
A must watch for any coach interested in being an international team coach. Daniel Berdejo-del-Fresno provides this detailed analysis of the Libyan National Futsal team's preparations for the 2020 Africa Futsal Cup of Nations.
A Comparative Study of the Anthropometric Features and Physical Fitness of Professional Soccer and Futsal Players
Research: A thorough knowledge of the required physical and physiological characteristics in each professional sport is an influential factor of the success of athletes
Legendary futsal coach Zego discusses his life in futsal with Futsal Focus
Exclusive: Legendary futsal coach Zego is a coach who you are likely to know very little about, and you may not even know his name. However, he has influenced the sport of futsal more than any other person in the history of futsal.
MLS Houston Dynamo Academy Director inspired by Soccer Starts at Home and Futsal
Exclusive: MLS Houston Dynamo Academy Director Paul Holocher has been inspired by Soccer Starts at Home and Futsal so he is taking them into the school system in Houston, Texas, USA

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