English futsal coach Damon Shaw leaves Swedish club Skoftebyn Futsal

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Damon Shaw has left Skoftebyn Futsal halfway through the season. Though Damon, has publicly announced his departure now, this decision was made shortly before the turn of the New Year due to personal reasons. When he left the club, the team was in Second Place, however, they now sit in fifth place.

Main picture source: Calle Appelqvist Photography

Damon Shaw’s desire to improve and develop as a coach has also taken him to Spain, Malta, Malaysia, and Poland. When we reached out to him, asking why he had left, he stated personal reasons but felt it was best to move on and he assures us that this decision has opened up a new chapter for him. He plans to announce information about his next destination soon so keep an eye on his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/damonshawFS/

Today, Damon published the following statement:

Time to say hej då and thank you to @skoftebynfutsal, the players, and my staff.
I leave very happy with the first half of the season, the club’s best-ever start (7W, 1D, 2L), and proud of the work we did.
In the short time there I learnt some very valuable lessons and I leave a very different coach and person and ready for the next challenge.
It was an honour to work in a well ran club with some top players. They know my inbox is always open if they need anything and I’ll always be a fan.
Good luck for the rest of the season. I’ll share my next destination soon! Everything happens for a reason.
Vi är borgens charmörer!

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