Damon Shaw unveiled as the new coach of WKS Śląsk Futsal Wrocław in Poland

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Damon Shaw has been a pioneering English futsal coach for over a decade. In England, he drove development at the University and grassroots level, along with taking his club Middlesbrough to competitions in Europe and North Africa. He also did his utmost to provide young players in England with the opportunity to play futsal regularly at a time when futsal was still in its infancy. Outside of this, he has  worked hard to provide clubs in Spain with the opportunity to travel to England, play futsal and study English. In relation to his own coach education, he moved to Spain to develop his coaching skills, take his coach qualifications and learn under the best coaches across a number of clubs in the Catalonia region, he is very close with FC Barcelona coach Marc Carmona.  Damon also travelled to Malta and most recently Malaysia to challenge himself as a coach, but unfortunately his time in Malaysia didn’t work out due to COVID.

Now, he has taken on another coaching project and signed for WKS Śląsk Futsal Wrocław in Poland. After announcing his appointment, the club stated his experience and commitment to the sport and Damon expressed his own excitement to get started in Poland and back to the courts,

“I am looking forward to working with the club, coaches and players to bring success to Wrocław. After meeting with Sebastian, it was clear that he had ambition and vision that match my own and I was convinced by this to accept the offer and I can’t wait to get started.”

Damon has been a supporter of Futsal Focus for many years, in 2017 he helped us organise the World’s first Futsal Business Conference called the Futsal Focus Network Business Conference whilst working at Tranmere Rovers FC as their head of futsal. We will be forever grateful for his support, and we wish him well in Poland at his new club.

If you would like to follow Damon, you can follow him on Twitter at @Damon_Shaw 

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