Swedish Futsal

Greenland's Rising Star: The Extraordinary Path of William Gantzhorn
Discover the incredible journey of William Gantzhorn, a Greenlandic talent. From Greenisland to Denmark and now with SK Örebro in Sweden. Gantzhorn's story is a testament to perseverance, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence.
English futsal coach Damon Shaw leaves Swedish club Skoftebyn Futsal
English futsal coach Damon Shaw has decided to leave Swedish club Skoftebyn Futsal but will reveal his next destination soon!!
Futsal Focus discusses the creation and organisation of Sweden’s national futsal league with Lasse Ternström, the COO of the League which is currently broadcast live on Eurosport!
Futsal and Proud host André Caro talks with Rodrigo Saldanha, Head Coach of IFK Uddevalla Futsal, Sweden
Futsal & Proud podcast: Uddevalla Futsal Club (Sweden) Head Coach Rodrigo Saldanha talks to Futsal Focus' Futsal & Proud host André Caro about his life and career in futsal and journalism.
Europe, Asia and now Scandinavia, Damon Shaw Coach of Skoftebyn Futsal in Sweden
Damon Shaw has been a pioneering English futsal coach for over a decade. He has travelled the world to improve his knowledge and experience of futsal.
US media group Discovery has expanded its coverage of the Swedish Futsalligan
Media company Discovery is expanding its domestic television coverage of Sweden’s Futsalligan, the country’s professional futsal league, from 10 live games last season to 25 in the upcoming 2019-20 campaign.   The increase in coverage of the league comes after an improvement in Discovery Sweden’s audience figures for the competition.…
Swedish Futsal International Kristian Legiec receives awards from futsal and football gala
Swedish Futsal International Kristian Legiec was recognized as the Player of the Year in Sweden and was voted as part of the All-Star Team made up of the best players in the league.
Swedish Futsal progressing through Head Coach Matija Dulvat's professional mindset
Exclusive to Futsal Focus “I feel we have developed our game a lot, and even how we think about Futsal in the last few years. Our Head Coach Matija Dulvat has taken us to a new level with his professional mindset and the way he views the game. “ Swedish…
The Swedish Futsal League will be played as a single series from 2018/2019
The Swedish Football League (SEF) and the Swedish Futsal League (SFL) decided to work together to develop the SFL. A historical decision for Swedish futsal as the futsal clubs from now on are a part of the Swedish Football League, although as their own branch.