Spain win their third European Women's Futsal Championship
Spain's dominance in Europe continues after they defeated Ukraine in Hungary and won their third UEFA Women's Futsal European Championship.
France to play International tournament in Morocco
French Football Federation announced that their national futsal team will travel to Morocco to play in a tournament against their hosts, Croatia, and Japan.
Angolan Futsal Federation working hand in hand with sponsors of the Nzoji project
With the aim of creating an inter-school Futsal tournament in public and private schools, the Angola Futsal Federation and sponsors are working together through the Nzoji project which will also see more than 600 children benefit from eye screenings and more!!
Greenland: futsal in the polar territory
Greenland is the largest island in the world, it's population is 56,000 people, and futsal is one of the most popular sports in the territory.
UEFA Under-19 Futsal EURO preliminary round kicks off tomorrow
The UEFA Under-19 Futsal EURO preliminary round kicks off tomorrow, Futsal Focus takes a look at the competition and provides some thoughts on its importance!