Cartagena will host the inaugural edition of FutsalFest at the Futsal Cup of Spain

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A music festival will liven up the Fan Zone after each day.


The Renfe Futsal Cup of Spain will be the grand celebration of futsal from March 21st to 24th in Cartagena. It’s an event that transcends futsal and the spectacle seen on the 40×20 court with the eight best teams from the first round. One of the highlights will be the inaugural edition of Futsal Fest, a music festival to be held near the Sports Palace at the end of each day.

Prominent artists such as Siloé, Funambulista, DJ Nano, Mafalda Cardenal, Barce, Chimeno, Alvama Ice, Cosa de Dos, Chema Rivas, DJ Crisdeluxe, or DJ Ya Cepeda, among others, will be present at this free event for all those with tickets to the Renfe Spain Cup.  It will be a great futsal celebration bringing together eight fan bases for an unforgettable week.

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