Football Association of Thailand Futsal Centre expected to be completed by year end

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In April this year, the Football Association of Thailand (FAT) announced they were set to bring Thai Futsal to a whole new level with the construction of a dedicated Futsal Centre to be completed by the end of this year.

Somyot Poompanmoung the President of the FAT, and Patit Supaphongs, the General Secretary of the FAT reviewed the progress of the construction project.

Other than the Futsal Centre, the new construction within the Huamark vicinity that houses the Rajamangala National Stadium will also host the Match Operation Centre, Thai League Limited, Futsal and Beach Football Unit, Judges Development Department and also VAR Room among others.

Construction for the project started on 4 January 2022 and is expected to end on 15 December 2022. In September, Somyot Phumphanmuang was satisfied with the progress of the construction project of the FA Thailand Futsal and Match Operation Center and confirmed that the construction was still on schedule to be completed on time.

The foundation work and first-floor pouring work along with the second floor which is where the futsal court will be has been completed. It is considered satisfactory that the association has held meetings to monitor the progress of the construction with the developers and report the progress to FIFA.

The building is considered the most modern office building of the Football Association in 106 years. divided into the following proportions:

  • The 1st-floor area consists of a reception hall, an exhibition area, an open space for the association and Thai League Co., Ltd., a competition office, a VAR room, a meeting room, a training room, a dining room, and a recreation room.
  • The 2nd-floor area consists of a standard-size futsal court, a multipurpose hall, a shower room, a dressing room, and a large meeting room.
  • The 3rd floor consists of meeting rooms and open spaces.
  • For the FA Thailand Futsal and Match Operation Center building will be a working center consisting of the Football Association, Thai League Company Limited, Futsal, and Beach Football, Referee Development Department, and VAR room.


Developments like this show how Thailand, considered the heart of Southeast Asia is an example of how the whole region is embracing and driving the development of futsal.  Participation is skyrocketing in the region with leagues becoming professional, the most recent being Malaysia which is now attracting some of the top professional football clubs into their professional futsal league as clubs start to create futsal divisions to compete along with futsal-specific clubs.  Indonesia is attracting more foreign plays since Ricardinho, challenging the standard of the league and giving players the opportunity to learn from experienced high-level players.

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