Jimbee Cartagena: Breaking New Ground in Spanish Futsal

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Jimbee Cartagena Ends 24-Year Dominance of Barça, Inter, and ElPozo in Spanish Futsal


The Cartagena squad has made history, claiming the First Division and Spanish Super Cup titles in a single season. This remarkable achievement breaks a 24-year streak dominated by Barça, Inter, and ElPozo, making Jimbee the first team outside this trio to secure two national trophies in the same season.

Main picture: Jimbee Cartagena FS 2023-24 RFEF Futsal National League Champions – source of the image and additional images in this article: Jimbee Cartagena Costa Cálida Twitter and RFEF Futsal Twitter

On June 23, Jimbee Cartagena clinched the League championship for the first time in its history. This was no ordinary victory; it was a triumph marked by three decisive wins over ElPozo Murcia, culminating in a midnight celebration at the Plaza de España fountain, a tradition believed to bring good luck for the upcoming season.

A Historic Victory

The thirty-fifth edition of the League saw Jimbee crowned champions in the fourth game, in front of over 5,000 spectators at the Palacio de los Deportes in Cartagena. Jimbee is the eighth team to win a final in their first attempt and the eleventh team overall to claim the league title. Movistar Inter holds the record with 14 titles, followed by Barça (7), ElPozo Murcia (5), and other teams like Playas de Castellón, CLM Talavera, and Caja Segovia.

Eduardo Sao Tiago, known as Duda, led Jimbee to this historic win, making them the eighth Spanish club to debut in the UEFA Futsal Champions League. They will join Mallorca Palma Futsal, the two-time champion of Europe’s premier futsal competition, and a select group of Spanish teams, including Barça, Movistar Inter, ElPozo Murcia, Levante, Playas Castellón, and Talavera.

Jimbee Cartagena: Breaking New Ground in Spanish Futsal

This season marks only the second time in history, aside from the inaugural season (2001-02), that neither Barça, Inter, nor ElPozo will be present in the UEFA Futsal Champions League.

Jimbee Cartagena: A New Era in Spanish Futsal

Jimbee’s rise to the top is a testament to the vision of President Miguel Ángel Jiménez, who took over in 2018 with his company Jimbo Fresh. The 2023-24 season saw the team win the League and the Spanish Super Cup, a feat not achieved by any team outside the big three since Caja Segovia in the 1999-2000 season.

In the past two decades, Barça, Movistar Inter, and ElPozo Murcia have dominated the league, with only a few clubs like Santiago Futsal, Jaén Paraíso Interior, and Real Betis managing to break their hold on various titles. Jimbee Cartagena has now joined this elite group, winning two major trophies in a single season.

Duda, reflecting on the season, expressed immense pride and relief: “I feel proud of the group we have formed and how we have worked, and also relief after all the pressure of winning the title. A lot of happiness and joy, a feeling of having fulfilled in front of a fan that has cheered until the end and has filled a pavilion which has been crazy.”

Looking Ahead

The 2023-24 season concludes with a thrilling line-up for the next Spanish Super Cup. Jimbee Cartagena, with their historic double, will be joined by Barça (Spanish Cup winners), Real Betis (Copa del Rey winners), and ElPozo Murcia Costa Cálida, who finished second in the regular phase. Real Betis will make history as the first Second Division team to compete in the Spanish Super Cup.

Jimbee Cartagena: Breaking New Ground in Spanish Futsal

Jimbee’s triumph is not just a win for the club but a significant moment for Spanish futsal. As they prepare to compete in the UEFA Futsal Champions League, Jimbee Cartagena has proven that they are a real contender for all titles in Spain, ready to challenge the dominance of the traditional giants of the sport.

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