Jimbee Cartagena Secures Historic Victory, Clinches First-Ever Title

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Jimbee Cartagena Triumphs in Historic Victory, Securing Debut Title and Shattering Ceilings in Futsal Supercup Final


In a triumph that will forever be etched in the memories of Jimbee Cartagena and its fans, the red-and-white team celebrated its maiden title with a fantastic comeback against the formidable FC Barcelona in the Spanish Futsal Supercup final today.

The ‘meloneros’ emerged victorious over the Catalan giants in a showcase of skill, with an imperial Tomaz earning the MVP honors. The match started with an early goal from Pito at the two-minute mark, suggesting that Barcelona’s dominance would be the prevailing theme. However, the Cartagena players brought all their strengths into play, preventing the Catalans from imposing their rhythm and taking a lead.

With this mindset, the ‘meloneros’ leveled the playing field in the 5th minute, courtesy of a goal from Motta, where the ball threaded between Pito’s legs, reducing visibility for the Barcelona goalkeeper Miquel Feixas, and found its way into the net of the squad led by Jesús Velasco.

The second half remained tightly contested. Only a late goal from Tomaz in the 29th minute, a magnificent volley, disrupted the balance. The goal proved crucial for the red-and-white team to lift the trophy, with the Spanish-Brazilian player earning the MVP of the grand final.

Jimbee’s redemption was realised, as the previous season saw these same protagonists in the final of the Copa de España, where Barcelona emerged victorious (4-3).”

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