Launch of Women’s National Futsal Teams by England, and Norway Marks Historic Milestone

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A New Era Dawns – Pioneering Women’s Futsal Teams Set to Inspire Generations


In a groundbreaking development for women’s futsal, England Futsal and the football associations of Norway have recently announced the establishment of their respective women’s national futsal teams. This significant move represents a major stride towards gender equality in the sport, providing female players with unprecedented opportunities to showcase their talent on the international futsal stage.

England Futsal’s Historic Step

England Futsal has officially confirmed the formation of a senior women’s national futsal team, a decision that has received widespread support from key stakeholders, including the FA’s leadership, the Women’s Football Board, and the FA Futsal Committee. This initiative culminates in the entry of the first-ever England women’s team into the UEFA qualifying competition for the FIFA Futsal Women’s World Cup.

Launch of Women's National Futsal Teams by England, and Norway Marks Historic Milestone

Source: England Futsal

The Futsal Lionesses are set to participate in the qualifying action scheduled for this year, marking a momentous occasion for women’s futsal in England. The England Futsal performance staff continues to dedicate efforts towards supporting players and establishing a comprehensive talent pathway for both men’s and women’s games. The development aligns with the resurgence of the men’s senior side, and further details about the path ahead will be unveiled in due course.

Norwegian FA’s Equal Opportunities Initiative

The Norwegian Football Federation (NFF) has announced the establishment of a national futsal team for women, signaling a triumph for female futsal players in Norway. Morten Ravlo, the sports manager for futsal at the NFF, expressed immense gratification, highlighting the substantial growth of futsal among girls and women in Norway.

The Norwegian women’s national futsal team is set to participate in the historic first World Cup qualifiers in women’s futsal this year. Ravlo, a seasoned figure in futsal with a notable playing and coaching career, is poised to lead the team, expecting a potent and motivated squad. The establishment of the team is seen as a pivotal step in providing equal opportunities for both genders in pursuing their dreams of representing their country in futsal.

France Joins the Wave

The French Football Association (FA) has also joined the transformative movement by confirming the participation of their women’s national futsal team in the FIFA Futsal Women’s World Cup qualifiers, their team was launched last year. As the first-ever edition of the tournament is set to launch in 2025, the French team will compete for one of the coveted places reserved for Europe.

Launch of Women's National Futsal Teams by England, and Norway Marks Historic Milestone

Source: French Football Federation

The qualification process for the European teams involves a series of stages, starting with the preliminary round in April 2024 and concluding with the final Elite round in April 2025. With an innovative format that prioritizes fairness and competitiveness, the European Qualifiers will feature single-venue mini-tournaments at each stage.

In summary, the launch of women’s national futsal teams by England, France, and Norway is a historic moment for the sport. As these teams embark on their journeys towards the FIFA Futsal Women’s World Cup, they not only represent the pinnacle of women’s futsal in Europe but also serve as inspirational figures for aspiring players in Europe and worldwide. The commitment of these football associations to gender inclusivity marks a significant milestone, fostering the growth and development of women’s futsal on a global scale.

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