Futsal in Argentina

Full interview: Futsal & Proud host Andre Caro interviews Argentina goalkeeper Nico Sarmiento
Exclusive interview: Nico Sarmiento is a world cup and Adidas Golden Glove winner in 2016, a finalist runner up in 2021, and a Copa America de Futsal winner in 2022.
Futsal & Proud host Andre Caro interviews Argentina goalkeeper Nicolás Sarmiento
Anre Caro interviews Nicolás Sarmiento, a winner of the 2016 FIFA Futsal World Cup, 2022 Copa America along with the adidas Golden Glove in 2016, for the Futsal Focus Futsal & Proud show!
Argentina confirm futsal tournaments in the United States and Saudi Arabia
This week the AFA confirmed that the Argentina National Futsal Team will play friendly futsal tournaments in the U.S and Saudi Arabia.
The 2018 Youth Olympics, Argentina, Buenos Aires
In October, a future Ricardinho or Falcao in their own right will grace the court, entertain the crowd and enjoy the spirit of the Olympic atmosphere for the first time. And, already, nations are preparing for the competitions as are many from the Futsal community planning on being at the…