The draw for the third World Cup Futsal Down 2022 held in Lima

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The sporting event will take place from April 1 to 10, 2022, where the Peruvian team will be sponsored by Paolo Guerrero.


The Colectivo Down Perú, a member of The Football International Federation for Players with Down syndrome (FIFDS), held the draw for the 2022 World Cup Futsal Down that will take place from April 1 to 10 of this year, where 8 countries will participate, including Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Turkey, Uruguay, and Peru.

The event was chaired by Antonio Gamarra La Barrera, President of CONADIS; Gissely Alvarado, Founder and President of the Down Collective; Mr. Cleiton Monteiro was present from Brazil via digital connection, Technical Director of The Football International Federation for Players with Down syndrome (FIFDS); the Captain of the Peruvian national team, Edgar Gómez and, finally; the player Piero Espino, a key player in the national team.

The draw for the third World Cup Futsal Down 2022 held in LimaTwo groups were created as a result of the draw: A and B that will face each other in the World Cup that begins on April 1st. Group A includes Brazil, Chile, Turkey and Uruguay. While in Group B includes Argentina, Portugal, Mexico, and Peru.

The surprise of the event was knowing the support of some international players who sponsor their teams. In the case of Brazil, it is known that the former Brazilian player, Romario de Souza Faría sponsors his team and Luis Alberto Suarez sponsors the Uruguayan team. The surprise of the meeting took place when the President of the Collective announced that the renowned player of the national team, Paolo Guerrero, was the one who sponsors the Peruvian team.

The name of the mascot was also announced during the event, which will be called “Qantu” and is represented by the Peruvian Hummingbird, an endemic bird from the Utcubamba river basin, in the high jungle of northern Peru.

In this regard, Gissely Alvarado, founder and president of Colectivo Down, stated: “We are very happy and excited that Peru is the venue for this important international competition, and we hope that Peruvians live this World Cup, support our team and see the multiple capacities of children with Down Syndrome, who, like all of us, strive to achieve all their goals”. Likewise, she exhorted the private company to join with their support, to continue contributing to strengthening the capacities of children with Down Syndrome.

The draw for the third World Cup Futsal Down 2022 held in LimaThe sporting event will have the support of CONADIS, the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, the Peruvian Football Federation, and well know persons such as the actors from the movie “Once Machos” and the presenter, Homero Cristali, to conduct the different sports activities.

The draw for the third World Cup Futsal Down 2022 held in Lima

Colectivo Down Perú is a non-profit organization, created in 2017 and made up of relatives of people with Down Syndrome. It was established with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people with this condition and committed to promoting a fair, inclusive society, and equal opportunities for all.

The organization has had the first free sports school for people with Down Syndrome in Peru, Empate 21, for 4 years, which is a free franchise granted by the Empate Foundation of Córdoba, Argentina.  The first futsal team that represented us in 2019 at the 2nd Futsal Down World Cup in Riberâo Preto, Brazil came from this sports school.

It is worth mentioning that the organization is open to all people who want to support the event selflessly and in different ways, to contribute to this noble work. Those interested can contact Colectivo Down Peru.

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