Swansea University to compete in the UEFA Futsal Champions League

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Swansea University are to compete in the UEFA Futsal Champions League after being nominated as it’s champion club for the 2019/20 season.


The Swansea University Students will now await the draw on September 2, in Nyon. They will play those fixtures over five days, from Tuesday, 13 October to Sunday, 18 October.

Due to a Conference Champions Play-Off game not being feasible due to restrictions, the representative for Futsal’s top tier European competition has been chosen on a points-per-game and goal difference per game basis.

KS Hussars were crowned champions for the Conference North whilst Swansea University were named champions of the Conference South.

It is the first time in the history of the Futsal League that Swansea have been crowned champions.

Conference North

1KS Hussars4400+241236
2Luso Cymru3201+115223.7
3Wrexham Glyndwr3102-15491-5
4Border Futsal2002-8420-4
5The New Saints2002-12380-6

Conference South

1Swansea University5500+321536.4
2Futsal Club Cardiff5201+34132.66.8
3University of South Wales6321+18111.833
4Ftsl Futsal Club5302+1391.82.6
5Newport United5212+1871.43.6
6Ftsal Caerdydd Dreigiau6204-1161-1.8
7Inter Cardiff2002-2100-10.5
8Baglan Bay4004-3700-9.25
9Merthyr Town4004-4600-11.5

Here is an example of Swansea’s first team playing:

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