Yerevan Scores Big: UEFA Futsal Champions League 2024 Finals Set to Thrill in Armenia’s Capital

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Armenian Capital’s Karen Dermichyan Arena Poised to Make Futsal History with UEFA’s Prestigious Finals


Yerevan is set to become the pulsating hub of futsal excitement as the Karen Dermichyan Arena has been selected to host the 2024 UEFA Futsal Champions League finals on May 3 and 5. The decision was made by the UEFA Executive Committee, entrusting the Football Federation of Armenia with the prestigious role of hosting this elite event.

The forthcoming finals will feature a high-stakes four-team knockout competition, showcasing the talent of the victors from the elite round mini-tournaments held in November. Among the contenders are defending champions Mallorca Palma Futsal, along with seasoned former winners Barça, Benfica, and Sporting CP. The semi-final draw, set to unfold at a later date and venue, will determine the matchups for the clashes scheduled on Friday, May 3. The grand finale and the battle for third place will take place two days later, ensuring an intense and action-packed spectacle.

The Karen Dermichyan Arena, with a capacity of 6,900, has been a prominent sporting venue since its inauguration in 1983, undergoing a significant revamp in 2008. Having hosted diverse events ranging from ice hockey and boxing to the Chess Olympiad and Junior Eurovision, the arena is now poised to make history by hosting its first major futsal finals. Armenia previously showcased its capability to host top-tier football events when it organized the U19 EURO in Yerevan in 2019. Armenia has a competitive national futsal team, the nation made it to the elite round of the UEFA – 2024 FIFA Futsal World Cup qualifiers, but they finished bottom of their group to Portugal, Finland, and Georgia. However, in the UEFA Futsal Champions League, they have not enjoyed the same success this year, Yerevan FC, finished bottom of their preliminary round Group G which included Athlitiki Enosi Lemesou (Cyrpus), Futsal Minerva (Switzerland) and FC Fiorentino (San Marino).

This marks the third instance of a neutral venue hosting the UEFA Futsal Champions League finals, following Zadar, Croatia, in 2021 and Riga, Latvia, in 2022. Yerevan joins the distinguished list of host cities, including Zaragoza (2018), Murcia (2007), Moscow (2008), and Lisbon (2010 and 2015), among others.

The decision to bring the pinnacle of futsal to Yerevan raises intriguing questions about UEFA’s strategic considerations and the potential impact on the local sports scene:

  • In light of recent geopolitical tensions, has UEFA adequately addressed security concerns in choosing Yerevan as the host city, ensuring the safety of players, officials, and fans? And will Armenia’s selection deter fans from traveling?
  • Does UEFA see the decision to bring the finals to Yerevan as a strategic move to boost futsal development in Armenia, and how does this align with broader efforts to grow the sport across Europe?
  • Considering the geographical location of Yerevan, how does UEFA plan to address potential challenges related to travel logistics for fans, and will this decision impact the accessibility of the event for a diverse audience?


As Yerevan eagerly prepares to host the 2024 UEFA Futsal Champions League finals, the stage is set for a historic moment in the Karen Dermichyan Arena. The anticipation of witnessing top teams battle it out in a high-stakes four-team knockout competition is palpable. Yet, beyond the excitement, the decision to bring this prestigious event to the Armenian capital prompts contemplation.

The Karen Dermichyan Arena, with its storied history dating back to 1983, is on the brink of a new chapter as it readies itself for the futsal finals. Armenia, having showcased its capabilities in football events, now stands at the forefront of European futsal, despite challenges faced by Yerevan FC in this year’s UEFA Futsal Champions League and their national team in World Cup qualifiers.

However, as the spotlight shines on Yerevan, questions arise. Is UEFA’s choice strategic, aimed at fostering futsal development in Armenia and contributing to the sport’s growth across Europe? How will logistical challenges impact fan accessibility, and has UEFA considered the potential deterrent effect on fans due to recent geopolitical tensions?

The decision to host in Yerevan is more than just a sports event; it is a nuanced intersection of strategy, development, and geopolitical considerations. As the futsal fever builds, these questions linger, inviting readers to reflect on the broader implications of UEFA’s decision and its potential impact on both the local and European stage. The 2024 UEFA Futsal Champions League finals in Yerevan are not just a celebration of the sport but a platform for contemplation on the evolving landscape of European futsal.

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