2024 Concacaf Futsal Championship: Unveiling Groups and Schedule

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Central America Prepares for Intense Qualifiers at Polideportivo Alexis Arguello


As the excitement builds for the FIFA Futsal World Cup qualifying tournament, Concacaf revealed the groups and schedule for the highly anticipated 2024 Concacaf Futsal Championship. Scheduled to unfold from April 13 to 20, 2024, at the Polideportivo Alexis Arguello in Managua, Nicaragua, this championship will determine the region’s representatives for the FIFA Futsal World Cup Uzbekistan 2024.

The draw, conducted at the Confederations Headquarters in Miami, FL, featured 12 Concacaf Member Associations distributed into three groups of four teams each. Here are the intriguing groupings:

Group A:

Costa Rica

Group B:


Group C:

United States
Trinidad and Tobago
Dominican Republic

The tournament will kick off with the Group Stage, featuring intense Round-Robin play. Following this stage, the group winners, runners-up, and the two best third-place finishers will battle it out in the Knockout Stage.

The Knockout Stage, featuring eight teams, will include the Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Third-Place Match, and the Grand Final. The top four finishers in the tournament, reaching the semifinals, will secure their coveted spots in the FIFA Futsal World Cup Uzbekistan 2024.

All the matches are set to unfold at the Polideportivo Alexis Arguello in Managua, Nicaragua. For a detailed schedule of the 2024 Concacaf Futsal Championship, click here. In recent years, futsal has experienced a remarkable surge in attendance and popularity in Nicaragua. It will be captivating to witness whether the fervent futsal fanbase will turn out in force to rally behind the competition, infusing an additional layer of excitement and entertainment that extends beyond the court. You can read our article about futsal development in Nicaragua here: https://www.futsalfocus.net/futsal-nicaragua-booming/

In the previous edition of the Concacaf Futsal Championship in Guatemala 2021, Costa Rica clinched their fourth title by defeating the United States 3-2 in a thrilling final. Meanwhile, Guatemala secured third place by overcoming Panama 3-2 in extra time. These four nations proudly represented the Confederation in the FIFA Futsal World Cup Lithuania 2021. The stage is set for another chapter of futsal excellence in the heart of Central America.

Reflecting on the past while gazing into the future, it’s notable that El Salvador, despite their formidable effort, won’t be part of this year’s qualifiers. They went head-to-head with Guatemala, pushing them to the limit and narrowly succumbing in a penalty shootout, with a 4-3 loss after an intense 3-3 draw in the Quarter-Finals.

In this year’s competition, for us, four nations stand out. The spotlight is on Costa Rica – can they maintain their dominance in Central and North American futsal? With new head coach Hewerton Moreira at the U.S. helm, there’s anticipation to see if he can replicate the success of his predecessor Dusan Jakica, and guide the nation back to the FIFA Futsal World Cup. Otherwise, it prompts inquiries into the impact/ influence of Major Arena Soccer League (MASL)/Indoor American Soccer on American futsal. It’s crucial to recognize that indoor soccer and futsal are distinct, warranting consideration as to whether attention and resources should be specifically directed toward nurturing talent (players and coaches) dedicated to futsal only.

While the MASL (launched in 2014) lacks acknowledgment from U.S. Soccer or FIFA, receiving no support or funding from these governing bodies, it’s fascinating to observe how this organization, along with indoor soccer in general, has wielded influence on American futsal since 1989. In 1989, FIFA’s competition and rules offered indoor players a format somewhat familiar to what they were accustomed to. However, FIFA futsal has undergone significant evolution, charting its distinct course. The rules and technical standards have diverged from indoor and those in the MASL, posing a more formidable challenge for MASL players in their attempts to compete with futsal players compared to previous years. Futsal Focus has previously highlighted the benefits that transitioning to futsal could bring to the MASL, encompassing advantages for its clubs, players, and coaches. You can delve into the details in our article here: https://www.futsalfocus.net/from-indoor-soccer-futsal-transformational-journey-masl/. However, if the MASL remains hesitant to embrace futsal, it prompts the question of why it’s engaged in a sport to which it lacks a connection or reference.

Meanwhile, the Mexican Football Federation has significantly increased its footprint in domestic futsal. The Edomex Sports City Basketball Gymnasium in Zinacantepec, State of Mexico, hosted the National Phase of the Mexican Futsal League from June 7 to 10. This tournament, organized by the Amateur Sector of the Mexican Federation of Association Football, AC, in collaboration with FIFA, aims to promote and stimulate the growth of futsal in Mexico. The key question here is whether the national futsal team has identified new talent and what achievements they may accomplish.

Shifting our focus to Canada, does this year’s competition carry any profound implications? Securing qualification for the FIFA Futsal World Cup could act as the catalyst the sport requires on home turf. With increased support and investment from Canada Soccer, we may see heightened participation, broader access, and an expanded talent pool, shining a spotlight on the sport and its accomplishments nationwide. The pivotal question persists: Are they up to the challenge, and what strides have been taken to strengthen their international performance? The unfolding of this year’s competition holds the promise of shaping the future landscape of futsal in these four nations, making it an interesting prospect to watch.

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