Andre Caro, new host of Futsal Focus’ Futsal & Proud show

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Today’s article is great news for Futsal Focus and our followers, and there has been  a lack of posting recently because of more great news we plan to announce in 2022. 2022 will be 10 years since FF was first launched, and it is an exciting time for us!

Andre Caro aka The Doctor, is an experienced futsal player and coach from Brazil who has been inspiring and helping to develop players in Australia for many years. In Melbourne, he helped Peter Parthimos, CEO of Futsal Oz, to develop futsal events, and competitions. Last year, he made his way to the UAE where he was the assistant coach of Al Nasr, enjoying success at the senior and youth level. He has returned to Australia and launched his own academy dedicate to using futsal to develop futsal players for the future of the sport in Australia and beyond. When he isn’t coaching, he is making quality coaching content and has grown a sizeable audience of over 134,000 global social media followers.

Recently, he added to his content by launching Caro Futsal podcast (Interview with Damon Shaw below) due to the quality of his work, we at Futsal Focus approached Andre to be the face of our Futsal & Proud show as well.

Futsal & Proud was launched earlier in the year by the founder of Futsal Focus, Stephen McGettigan, but due to developments happening behind the scenes, the show had to be suspended. However, we are delighted to be launching it again, but this time with Andre Caro as the host. Andre has a great list of guests for you to watch, listen, enjoy, and learn from, guests such as Marcos Sorato, Gabriel Lima and more.

Andre Caro

“I am very excited to be the host of Futsal Focus’ Futsal & Proud show. I have followed Futsal Focus for many years, the media company is respected around the world for its consistent promotion of futsal through news, and events for the past 9 years. I look forward to working with Stephen, and interviewing guests, key figures within our sport, and discussing developments happening around the world. I will also discuss futsal coaching among other topics. This collaboration will open up Futsal & Proud and my own work to one of the largest combined futsal audiences in the world with over 280,000 hungry futsal followers.”

Andre Caro’s first interview will launch on the 29th December 2021 with Goalkeeper Coach of A.F.C. Kairat, Luizinho Cruz. The time will be announced closer to the date. However, we will be releasing clips of his interview across our channels so keep an eye out for our co-promotion. Here is a clip of Andre’s interview for you to watch:

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