Atlantic Futsal Conference 2020 discussed on the World of Futsal podcast

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The World of Futsal podcast, Futsal Focus and SoccerToday have entered into a global media partnership which will provide unparalleled media coverage of futsal, increasing the visibility of the global sport.

On today’s podcast, the World of Futsal with Keith Tozer (Commissioner of the Professional Futsal League launching in the United States) discusses futsal and more with Futsal Focus guests Felicia and Peter Rickards Founders of CP Athletic Development and the Host of Atlantic Futsal Conference 2020 in Bermuda (

Listen to Peter speak about his introduction to Futsal, fulling in love with the sport plus Felicia discusses how her business background has helped with their efforts to drive their organizations and ambitions plus the development of the Atlantic Futsal Conference and more on the #1 Futsal podcast globally, World of Futsal!

Felicia, “Separating the administration from the technical and coaching aspects of the organizations accomplishes a few things, first is the members/ parents need structure and can be too serious, and that takes away from the coaches having to be involved in the wavers, all of the documentation and background admin that needs to be done it takes that away and off the coach’s plate. When they show up, my objective is, all they need to do is step on the court, they should already know how many players they have on hand, and they should be able to prepare their court for the anticipated players for each session that is all they should be there for. Any communication with the parents, they should come to me, that is my responsibility, any questions the parents have, they should come to me and the admin team to resolve any issues. The coaches and the technical team are there to be fully immersed in the working one on one with the players.”

Listen below to Keith’s podcast interview powered by SoccerToday with Futsal Focus guest Felicia and Peter Rickards Founders of CP Athletic Development and the Host of Atlantic Futsal Conference 2020 in Bermuda:

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