Barcelona face Palma Futsal in the first division final

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Barça qualified this Saturday for the final of the Futsal First Division and will play against Palma Futsal after eliminating Viña Albali Valdepeñas , who equalized the semifinals in the second part of the second leg, but ended up losing 6- 4 at the Palau Blaugrana, after being narrowly defeated (0-1) in the first leg. The first half was a fight for possession and dominance, but game play was broken up with many interruptions and quick exchanges of possession between the teams, Barça didn’t managed to take a control percentage of possession.

After the initial stretch of scoring, Barça got on the scoreboard due to a filtered pass by Matheus Rodrigues which Ferrao sent to the back of the net with a powerful low shot. The disadvantage fuelled Valdepeñas, against a more speculative Barça squad, which did not react to the warnings from Nano and Ivi , who ended up tying the duel with an individual effort.

Barça took less than a minute to get ahead again with a quick combination between Marcenio and Pito , who scored the goal, but the La Mancha side levelled the match for the second time before intermission when Humberto scored an assist from Lazarevic.

Despite Edu’s opposition, with two worthwhile saves against Ferrao and Sergio Lozano, Barça found fluidity in the game and took the lead with an accurate left-footed shot from their captain. Ivi penalized a Barça oversight to tie the match and Bateria leveled the tie in a moment of numerical superiority due to Ortiz’s expulsion. Barça reacted with authority. Ferrao converted a penalty that he himself had caused and Dyego completed a counterattack to secure the Catalan team’s place in the final. Ferrao extended the advantage in the last breath.

Queen ‘s ‘We are the Champions’ sounded in the Son Moix for the first time as the culmination of the most important match in the history of Palma Futsal ended with their ticket to play in Europe next season and with qualification for the First Division final . Son Moix lived its best night and in what is the greatest achievement of the club in its 24-year history. Chaguinha’s goal in the last minute of extra time sparked joy and celebrations after letting a 5-0 second-half lead slip away as Jaén forced extra time with three goals playing a fly goalkeeper.

Antonio Vadillo ‘s men had the best first half of the season with an exhibition led by Nunes . The team came out in a rage, with clear ideas, on the attack and with an excellent level of play. The match was turned on its head after two minutes with Nunes’s first goal coming from a cross. The lion had stormed onto the track after losing the first leg and wanted to bite his prey at every action. He had no rival in the first half.

The Jaén Paraíso Interior was a toy in the hands of a child eager to play, nothing to do with the first leg. Fabio was a spectator in the first half. Marlon had two chances to extend the lead against a team that could barely withstand the downpour. The stands created the atmosphere of the great nights knowing that with one more goal the tie would be levelled. And it came after eight minutes of the game. Again, Nunes scored Marlon’s assist at the far post.

They had to play with their heads but Palma Futsal felt that it was their time, their day and they continued to harass their rival, who could barely get off their track. Chaguinha signed a great play with a killer pass that Carlitos put into his own goal. The third. And more when Nunes scored the fourth, third in his private account, before the break. Four goals against one of best defending teams in the league.

The situation was idyllic but there were twenty minutes left to make the dream come true. And in futsal that is a long time . Nunes scored the fifth of the game on a night that he will not forget and in which he signed a performance with honours. Three goals ahead in the aggregate of the tie that had to be managed against a rival who had already opted to play as a fly goalkeeper in a desperate situation.

The script of the game changed and now it was time to defend. The islanders had several shots from their area to score the sixth at an empty goal but they did not hit, the clearest, one by Marlon that hit the post. The Andalusians began to take advantage of the game. Mithyue scored the first and seconds later Carlitos scored the second.

Son Moix was silent for the first time all night but he reacted immediately because he knew that there was still a goal ahead and he had to defend the score as it was. The team went out of their way to seal their goal but 46 seconds from the end the third came by Dani Martín and with whom extra time was forced. Incredible.

(Main picture – Palma’s fans have filled Son Moix for the semifinal against Jaén)

Few could believe it and the extension was played in full with the rival using a fly goalkeeper because he needed a goal to get into the final since if it ended with the same result, Palma would win. The ecstasy came with Chaguinha’s goal that secured the European place and their place in the final.


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