Belgian Club Becomes ACCS Futsal Clubs New Partner

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Leading French futsal club, ACCS Futsal is pleased to announce a new partnership with Futsal Espoir Molenbeek, a rapidly growing futsal club located in Molenbeek Saint-Jean, a suburb of Brussels.

Futsal Espoir Molenbeek was formed in 2016 by a group of futsal enthusiasts who aimed to represent their locality in various futsal and community projects. Since formation, the club runs three teams. The first team participates in the National 2nd Division, whilst the reserve and third teams ply their trade in the Belgian provisional leagues. All three teams have provided a player pathway of progression, which has resulted in numerous accolades ranging from promotion to the national league, winning regional and international tournaments.

The new partnership between Futsal Espoir Molenbeek and ACCS Futsal Club will provide abundant opportunities for player and non-player knowledge exchange, development team tours, and the potential for commercial opportunities.

ACCS President, Sami Sellami said, “As we continue to build our ecosystem with likeminded clubs such as Futsal Espoir Molenbeek, our aim is to develop a pathway for growth that both clubs can benefit from. We’re very excited to welcome a Belgian club to the ACCS family.”

For more information, please contact ACCS Futsal Club Head of International Projects via email:

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