BT Sport will broadcast the Grand Final of the FA National Futsal Series Summer Showdown

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The FA and the FA National Futsal Series has faced a lot of criticism from the English futsal community and some of the criticism has been justified. However, in 2021, when morale was the lowest I had ever seen it, the FA National Futsal Series pulled out all the stops and have made some incredible announcements. These announcements included YouTube as their official broadcast partner, FreeSports.TV showing the games and today another fantastic announcement has been made,

“The Grand Final of the FA National Futsal Series / Summer Showdown will be live on BT Sport”


The FA National Futsal Series / Summer Showdown has been a landmark event for English futsal and this announcement will take it to the next level. BT Sport is part of the fabric of modern UK sports culture. It has broken new grounds with its brilliant production of the Premier League and UEFA Champions League, attracting millions of subscribers and worldwide acclaim. This is a significant step in The FA National Futsal Series’ objective to grow English futsal across the country, allowing the FA to showcase the sport to a huge new audience.

Paul Szumilewicz, The FA National Futsal Series Managing Director, shared his thoughts on the new partnership:

“This is a game-changing moment for The FA National Futsal Series and English futsal as a whole. Our objective is to grow participation and viewership of this great sport in England, and this new partnership offers an incredible opportunity to showcase the best of English futsal to a huge new audience. The future is bright.”

Paul Szumilewicz, The FA National Futsal Series Managing Director

Halfspace Sports and Marekting Agency will also now be working with the league:

What next for English futsal?

Going forward the emphasis is now on the clubs to grow and develop into either an amateur structure, professional amateur structure, semi-professional and professional over the next ten to 15 years.

There is also a need for the sport to have recreational leagues across England as most people engaging with a sport don’t do so via a club. The recreational market is where participation needs to grow as this recreational market will go on to help build and support the commercial market for these clubs. Commercial market at this early development stage mainly being fanship in relation to walk up ticket sales, product sales etc. Once these start to develop you will get increased marketing and sponsorship opportunities.

Exciting times for English futsal, Futsal Focus is delighted to see this kind of leadership in the sport which we hope will influence people in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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