CBF secures master sponsorship with EstrelaBet for all Brazilian FUTSAL teams

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The agreement between EstrelaBet and CBF will be valid until 2025 and will include, among other things, the main sponsorship space for the shirts of all pathway teams to the senior teams, male and female, of CBF Futsal!


The Brazilian national football team is just three games away from winning their sixth World Cup in Qatar. But, anyone who thinks that this is the only sixth trophy that can be achieved by Brazil in the coming years is wrong. That’s because the Futsal Selection will also go in search of their sixth trophy in the international competition. And the team took a step toward that ambitious goal when the CBF announced EstrelaBet as the newest master sponsor of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).

The agreement between the parties starts immediately and will last until 2025, which includes participation in the 2024 FIFA Futsal World Cup and the Copa América, which will also be played in 2024.

“This partnership will bring even more visibility to Brazilian futsal revealing their talent to the whole world. As in all the CBF contracts, this partnership is governed by anti-corruption clauses that value respect for all people, regardless of racial, physical, mental, color or gender condition”, highlighted the president of CBF, Ednaldo Rodrigues.

The agreement with EstrelaBet will include their logo displayed in the main space of the futsal selections shirt, on the chest, both in games and in training. In addition, it also includes advertising signs, backdrops, relationship actions, and social media, among other contributions.

In addition to CBF Futsal, the company will also have its brand printed on the sleeves of the Beach Soccer Teams’ shirts, which will also compete in the FIFA World Cup, in search of the sixth, in 2023.

“We consider this partnership one of the greatest in the history of EstrelaBet. Futsal is one of the most popular sports in the world, but nobody has perfected it like Brazil. Being part of the CBF and stamping the shirt of a team that already has so many stars brings us inexplicable pride. We’ve already put a Star on the chest of the Selection, and now we’re going in search of another one! – said the head of sponsorships at EstrelaBet, Rafael Zanette.

The partnership between EstrelaBET and CBF Futsal was carried out by the agency TFW Marketing Esportivo, which will be responsible for the production and realization of the events on the official calendar of the Brazilian Futsal Team during the period of the contract.

About EstrelaBet

EstrelaBet is an entertainment company that operates with traditional sports betting, with fixed odds and several possibilities for predictions. The focus is to enhance the customer experience during sporting events.. The company is operated by BetterGames Entertainment, located in Costa Rica, and offers betting on various sports.

Futsal Focus stance on betting

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Set a money limit in advance
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Walk away from your losses
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Treat gambling as an entertainment expense
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Set a time limit in advance
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