Doug Reed – How Futsal Tells A Story Like Nobody Else

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This article is by Doug Reed, an England Futsal International, and a futsal blogger.

What are the similarities between movies, novels, and sport?

The answer is they all entertain us through the same fundamental mechanism; An engaging narrative.

It goes something like this; You’re made familiar with the key protagonists who are then challenged by dramatic events. We root for them to see what we feel is justified success or failure, depending on whether or not we identify with their values and beliefs.

The uncertainty of their fate keeps us captivated. We feel compelled to see how they perform against the challenges they face. We are committed until the conclusion of the story and the outcome is revealed.

The key figures don’t have to be people. In sport, you can include the teams who will have their own distinct personalities with which they are associated.

Sport’s popularity is built on the strength of connection with the protagonists and it’s unscripted nature with unpredictable plots that emerge as you watch. It is like no other form of entertainment.

Doug Reed - How Futsal Tells A Story Like Nobody Else

Futsal’s Unique Selling Point

We’re most emotionally engaged around pivotal moments that could determine the outcome one way or the other. In futsal, this is principally through goalscoring opportunities.

Will the team convert the chance, or is a goal denied by a fingertip save?

Futsal’s competitive advantage over other sports is these dramatic moments are always just an instant away. Both the attacking and defending team are continuously, at most, seconds away from scoring.

In other words, a potential dramatic plot twist is always just around the corner.

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