European Futsal Champions League: Semi-final Showdowns in Yerevan

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As the UEFA Futsal Champions League semi-finals kick off in Yerevan, four former champions brace for intense battles, set against the backdrop of rising futsal fervor and expanding horizons across Europe.


As the UEFA Futsal Champions League enters its decisive stages, anticipation is at its peak as four past champions gear up for the semi-finals, set to take place in Yerevan tomorrow. The Demirchyan Arena SCC will host these thrilling encounters, showcasing the pinnacle of European futsal talent. Let’s delve into the matchups and what we can expect from these electrifying clashes.

(Main picture – Palma celebrate with the trophy UEFA via Getty Images)

Semi-final Fixtures:

  • Friday, 3 May
  • Benfica vs Mallorca Palma Futsal (16:00 CET)
  • Barça vs Sporting CP (19:00 CET)


The Benfica vs Mallorca Palma Futsal Showdown:

This fixture promises to reignite the intense rivalry between two former champions, Benfica and Mallorca Palma Futsal. Last year, Palma emerged victorious in a nail-biting encounter against Benfica, securing their path to the title. However, Benfica, the 2010 champions, are determined to rewrite history and reclaim their former glory. Despite Palma’s unbeaten streak in European competitions, Benfica remains undeterred, ready to capitalize on their opponent’s vulnerabilities.

Key Players and Strategies:

Palma will miss the services of key players like Hossein Tayebi and Fabinho due to injury and suspension, respectively. However, the inclusion of seasoned campaigners like Chaguinha and Rômulo adds depth to their lineup. Benfica, on the other hand, boasts the talent of Diego Nunes, a pivotal figure in Palma’s European campaign before his move in 2022. With both teams brimming with quality, the battle on the court promises to be intense and unpredictable.

Insights from the Camps:

Mário Silva, S.L Benfica’s coach, emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities and learning from past defeats. He acknowledges Palma’s ability to adapt but remains confident in his team’s preparation.

Antonio Vadillo, Palma coach, acknowledges the challenges posed by Benfica but remains steadfast in his team’s capabilities, emphasizing the significance of seizing crucial moments in the match.

Afonso Jesus, Benfica player, exudes confidence in his team’s ability to learn from previous setbacks and emphasizes their determination to clinch victory.

Mario Rivillos, Palma player, expresses his team’s eagerness to make history once again, highlighting the formidable challenge posed by Benfica.

Barça vs Sporting CP:

In the other semifinal clash, perennial contenders Barça will square off against Sporting CP. With both teams boasting rich histories in European futsal, this encounter promises to be a spectacle of skill and tactics.

Final Thoughts:

As the UEFA Futsal Champions League unfolds in Yerevan, the stage is set for a thrilling display of futsal excellence. With past champions vying for supremacy, expect nothing short of exhilarating action in the quest for European glory.

Expanding Horizons:

The exponential growth of futsal is palpable, with the UEFA Futsal Champions League serving as a beacon of the sport’s increasing global reach. The tournament’s expansion, coupled with the emergence of domestic leagues in new territories, underscores futsal’s burgeoning popularity and its ability to transcend geographical boundaries.

In a remarkable testament to its growing appeal, a total of 55 teams from 51 UEFA member associations lined up on the starting grid for the latest edition of the UEFA Futsal Champions League – more than double the number of clubs that participated in the inaugural 2001/02 UEFA Futsal Cup. This surge in participation reflects the widespread enthusiasm for futsal across Europe, as clubs from diverse backgrounds and regions vie for continental glory.

Moreover, the UEFA European Women’s Futsal Championship has emerged as a pivotal platform for female players, offering them an elite goal to aspire to and providing associations with added incentive to support women’s futsal teams. The impact of this initiative is profound, as evidenced by the exponential growth of women’s futsal across Europe. Before the competition’s launch in 2018, there were just seven national teams in Europe. However, in a remarkable display of progress, 24 teams participated in qualifying for the next edition in 2022, highlighting the transformative power of inclusive sporting initiatives.

As futsal’s global footprint continues to expand, players and fans alike are treated to a wealth of thrilling experiences and unforgettable moments. From grassroots development to elite competitions, futsal’s journey of growth and evolution is a testament to its enduring appeal and the enduring commitment of UEFA to foster its development across the continent and beyond.

Futsal’s Rising Tide:

The UEFA Futsal Champions League finals in Yerevan underscore UEFA’s commitment to fostering the growth of futsal across Europe. From record-breaking attendance numbers to increased participation rates, futsal’s popularity continues to soar, fueled by UEFA’s investment and support at all levels of the game.

The finals in Yerevan are poised to build upon the momentum generated by previous tournaments, with record-breaking attendance numbers anticipated once again. This surge in interest reflects the widespread appeal of futsal, a dynamic and fast-paced sport that captivates audiences worldwide.

Moreover, UEFA’s investment in futsal extends beyond the professional arena to grassroots initiatives, ensuring that the sport flourishes at all levels. By providing resources and infrastructure, UEFA empowers aspiring players and nurtures the next generation of futsal stars, fostering a vibrant and sustainable futsal community across Europe.

In 2022, UEFA Futsal EURO was watched by 19.8 million viewers, while the futsal section attracted 1.8 million viewers. These figures underscore the growing popularity and significance of futsal on the European stage, further solidifying its status as a cornerstone of UEFA’s sporting portfolio.

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