From Local Glory to International Dreams, the Scotland national futsal team kick off their EURO campaign!

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Embracing the Challenge: Scotland’s Futsal players Set Out on Their EURO Quest!


Chris Angus, a notable figure from the Breedon Highland League, is embracing what might be the pinnacle of his sporting career as he joins the Scotland national futsal team for the UEFA Euro 2026 qualifiers. At 32, the transition from traditional football to the fast-paced world of futsal marks a significant milestone for Angus. Alongside him, young talents Oscar Lucas, 21, from Mossley, and Kai Lawless from Gorton, add fresh energy to the squad, both hailing from notable educational institutions and bringing their expertise from playing with the Bolton Futsal Club and coaching at the Sala Futsal Club in Tameside.

Main image: Chris Angus – source of the image:

The trio, as part of the national team, are set to compete against Switzerland, Malta, and Gibraltar in a series of matches in Bern, aiming for a spot in the subsequent qualification stages for the prestigious tournament to be hosted in Latvia and Lithuania. This group stage challenge promises to be a formidable test of skill and strategy, with the top two teams advancing.

From Local Glory to International Dreams, the Scotland national futsal team kick off their EURO campaign!

Young talents Oscar Lucas, and Kai Lawless – Source of the image: Sala Futsal Club

Angus, who once shone on the fields for Buckie Thistle and Inverurie Locos, contributing to multiple league titles and cup victories, now sees his futsal call-up as a crowning achievement surpassing his notable football legacy. Transitioning to futsal after his time in 11-a-side football, he finds unique fulfillment in representing his country in a sport that offered a new avenue for his competitive spirit and credits Grant Campbell for revitalizing his interest in the sport when he recruited him to play for Aberdeen Futsal Academy, this year’s league winners.

Lucas and Lawless, meanwhile, bring their youthful vigour and coaching experience to the team. Both players are not only competing at a high level but also dedicating their time to fostering young talent through Sala Futsal Club, impacting the sport’s growth at the grassroots level. Their inclusion in the national squad underscores Scotland’s strategy of blending experience with new talent for the European campaign.

As Scotland prepares to face Malta in their opening match at the Mobiliar Arena, followed closely by games against Switzerland and Gibraltar, the team is focused on qualifying for the main round. This next stage sets the scene for intense competition against Europe’s futsal elite, including reigning champions Portugal, Spain, Italy, and England, starting in September.

Off the pitch, Angus, Lucas, and Lawless contribute to the sport’s development through coaching and playing football for Ramsbottom FC, demonstrating their commitment to both forms of the beautiful game. Their journey from local leagues to the international arena exemplifies the diverse pathways to achieving sporting excellence and the growing appeal of futsal as a competitive and professional sport.

The Scotland national futsal team squad:

From Local Glory to International Dreams, the Scotland national futsal team kick off their EURO campaign!

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