Futsal Africa Cup of Nations: Final Tournament Draw Unveiled

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The preliminary round of the 2024 Africa Futsal Cup of Nations delivered thrilling matchups, showcasing the dynamic clashes between Zambia and Mozambique, Libya and Algeria, Namibia and Tanzania, as well as Ghana and the Ivory Coast. What appeared as predictable encounters took unexpected turns in the second leg, with underdogs rising to triumph.

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Notably, Namibia etched their name in history by securing their maiden qualification to the continental final tournament, under the guidance of Ryan Jago, an English futsal coach. Jago not only marked his debut as Namibia’s inaugural head coach but also became the pioneer from his nation to lead a team in this prestigious competition. Similarly, Andrea Cristoforetti, at the helm of Zambia, scripted his own historic moment as the first Italian to steer an African nation into the final tournament. Mauritania advanced to the final tournament after Cameroon was disqualified from the competition due to sanctions imposed by CAF, for their withdrawal from last edition qualifiers.

Futsal Africa Cup of Nations: Final Tournament Draw Unveiled

Source of the image: Confederation of African Football

Today, the eagerly awaited final tournament draw unfolded at the Mohammad V Sports Complex in Egypt, revealing two captivating groups. Group A features Morocco, a formidable force in futsal, having showcased remarkable prowess comparable to that of powerhouses like Argentina, Brazil, and Portugal in recent years. With such a formidable reputation, Morocco emerges as the favourite to advance and clinch victory in the Africa Futsal Cup of Nations, presenting a daunting challenge for all contenders eyeing the title. In Group A, alongside Morocco, are Angola, Ghana, and Zambia. Coach Philip Boakye’s Ghana will kick off their campaign against Zambia, while Morocco will take on Angola in what promises to be an enthralling match-up. Of particular interest is the clash between Angola and Zambia, should Zambia defeat Ghana, Andrea is likely to view it as a crucial benchmark encounter. The result of this fixture holds significant weight, as it will heavily influence their chances of securing a coveted spot in the semi-finals. A strong showing against Angola could instill the nation with confidence, positioning them to potentially challenge Egypt or Libya for a place in the final,  or if they have to compete in the third-place playoff to ultimately clinch a coveted slot in the World Cup.

Futsal Africa Cup of Nations: Final Tournament Draw Unveiled

Source of the image: Confederation of African Football

In Group B, the current standings may very well mirror the final outcome. Egypt is poised as the favorites to clinch the group, backed by their formidable prowess. Meanwhile, Libya’s seasoned experience, highlighted by their impressive performance in the 2023 Arab Futsal Cup, positions them as strong contenders for advancement, especially after their revenge against Algeria in the qualifiers. For Namibia, securing third place in the group would signify a commendable achievement. However, it’s worth noting Mauritania’s debut in the competition; despite being newcomers, they boast substantial experience from their participation in the Arab Futsal Cup since 2021. In 2022, they even advanced to the quarter-finals, albeit facing defeat against Egypt. If Namibia manages to overcome Mauritania, it would mark a significant triumph for a team stepping onto the continental final tournament stage for the first time.

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