Futsal coach Rui Guimarães has died suddenly at the age of 37 in Kuwait

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Futsal coach Rui Guimarães died on Wednesday in Kuwait,  he started to feel unwell during a game at the club he managed, Al Tadamon reports the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) on its website.  The news fell like a bombshell among his family members,  friends, and the global Futsal community who have expressed their sadness across social media.

“As far as we were able to find out from the family of Rui Guimarães, the 37-year-old coach felt unwell during a game played by his team this afternoon. He felt a strong pain in his chest, associated with breathing difficulties, and ended up losing consciousness. He was then transported to the hospital, where he went into irreversible cardiorespiratory arrest”, stated Rádio Vizela. “From what we also learned from family members about four weeks ago, Rui Guimarães would already felt some of these symptoms, and went to the hospital, but ended up being discharged”, they added.

Rui Guimarães, 37, started his career at FJ Antunes, and was currently in Kuwait, after a successful chapter in the United Arab Emirates, where he stayed for 10 years.

FPF president Fernando Gomes lamented the “very early and unexpected” death of Rui Guimarães and addressed “deep condolences” to the coach’s family and friends.

“It is with deep sadness to hear of the death of Rui Guimarães, a well-known figure in Portuguese futsal, who, over the years of his activity, raised the national flag in various countries”, says Fernando Gomes in a note published on the website.

The president of the FPF also mentions that “from Switzerland to Kuwait, through Romania, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Nicaragua, and the Emirates, Rui Guimarães demonstrated, from a very young age, his technical skills and leadership skills”.

Futsal Focus sends our deepest condolences to Rui Guimarães’ family and friends, our thoughts and prayers are with you!

Main picture source: AFC

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