Guam Women’s Futsal coach Ross Awa “This is only the start of futsal for the women’s program”

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The Guam Women’s Futsal Team returned from their historic win against the Philippines on Tuesday. The team won one of two matches while gaining a wealth of experience and confidence to continue elite futsal development in Guam, according to a release from the Guam Football Association.

“I am truly grateful for the opportunity to play international futsal. When we dominated against the Philippines in the first game, I couldn’t truly express in words how fortunate we were to experience making history for Guam and the women’s program,” said Arisa Recella, who wore the team captain’s armband for both matches.

“Even if we only played two matches, both were definitely a challenge against a strong Philippines team and I’m hoping to have more games in the near future.”

She thanked coach Ross Awa for preparing the team for the friendly matches.

“I’m very thankful for the love and support from near and far. Last, I am very proud of each and every one on the team. This is definitely one for the books. Biba Guahan!” Recella said.

After Guam won its first-ever international women’s futsal match on Saturday, the Philippines won 3-1 Sunday. Koharu Minato scored both of Guam’s goals over the two match days, according to the release.

Prior to departing to the Philippines for the matches, the team trained four times per week with two training matches against club teams on weekends at the Guam Sports Complex gym.

“The recent matches against the Philippines were a great way to gauge where we are with futsal on the international stage,” said Awa. “I am truly proud of all the players and my staff for the memorable experience — not only for the team but also for everyone supporting us. I am developing a progressive environment where the players are able to compete and play under pressure while given the opportunity to express themselves freely without fear of failure.”

The 14 players called up to play for Guam were over 23 years old except three, who were 16. They were able to develop their skills through experience at the international level with a handful making their first appearances in an international match abroad, according to the release.

“Finding a balance in the women’s program is key for the future development of our players,” Awa said. “This recent opportunity against the Philippines showcased steps in that direction as the second match was focused on the development of youth players and new additions to the program.”

He added: “This is only the start of futsal for the women’s program and with the continued support from GFA, we are already underway for future projects to support the development of the game in Guam.”

Main picture source: Philippine Football Federation

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