Girl’s U15 Futsal Tournament kicks off this month in Trinidad and Tobago

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The Futsal Association of Trinidad and Tobago (FATT) will host a two-day Futsal Fiesta event at the Southern Regional Indoor Sports Arena in Pleasantville on January 28 and 29.

The Girl’s U15 Futsal Developmental Tournament will be held on day one and will be followed by the Men’s Open Community Cup (south edition) on day two.

A statement issued by the local association said the tourney is the first of its kind in TT.

This event is intended to attract eight teams and over 100 girls with a focus on youth development through community engagement and national outreach.

FATT’s president Geoffrey Edwards said the Weekend Futsal Fiesta was conceptualized to encourage participation from different demographics.

“After successfully hosting the Male U14 Futsal Development Tournament in November last year, many of our stakeholders were eager to have different age groups playing.

“Initiatives like these are succinctly aligned to our strategic plan, and thus, we are committed to answering the call and facilitating similar activities to these as we commit to increasing awareness of the sport of futsal.”

Trinidad & Tobago coached by Cony Konstin took part in the last Youth Olympics futsal tournament in Argentina. The team won 1 match and lost 3 and finished seventh out of ten.

At the end of last year, the Association on November 5, at the same location, organised the inaugural Under-14 Male Futsal Development tournament. A total of eight teams featured in the day-long event – Cox Football Academy, St Mary’s, Presentation Chaguanas, Gasparillo Youth Academy, Coryal Secondary School, Port of Futsal (Port of Spain), Smart Football Academy (San Fernando), and Ste Madeline Strikers FC. You can read more via the related link below.

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