Former Barca player Javier Saviola continues his love for playing through futsal

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Javier Saviola enjoyed an illustrious career that took him to River Plate, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sevilla, Malaga, and Benfica. Now, the former Argentina international turns out for Sideco FC Encamp in the Andorran Futsal League. The 37-year-old joined FC Encamp two years ago and has helped the team to two Andorran league titles. Saviola is certainly enjoying himself, scoring 60 goals in 13 games this season helping to propel FC Encamp to their 10th successive domestic crown and the 13th in their history.

Joined by Andorran futsal legend Juli Sanchez up front, Saviola netted four of those 60 in FC Encamp’s last outing against FS La Massana, a 9-4 victory, that saw them secure the league title. As a result of their league win, FC Encamp has qualified for the Futsal Champions League for the following campaign.

This article was sourced from Marca

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