Legacy Forged: Jimbee Cartagena’s Unprecedented Triumph in the Spanish Futsal Supercup

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A Journey of Resilience, Redemption, and Strategic Brilliance Under Coach Duda’s Leadership


Jimbee Cartagena has etched its name in history with a triumphant victory in the Spanish Futsal Supercup final, securing its debut title and shattering ceilings in a memorable showdown against FC Barcelona. The red-and-white team’s remarkable comeback showcased their prowess and determination, with an outstanding performance that will forever be remembered by both the players and their passionate fanbase.

The match kicked off with an early goal from Pito, setting the tone for what seemed like Barcelona’s dominance. However, the ‘meloneros’ demonstrated resilience and strategic play, preventing the Catalans from establishing their rhythm and taking the lead. Motta’s goal in the 5th minute, a clever move that outwitted the Barcelona goalkeeper, leveled the playing field and showcased the Cartagena players’ skill.

The second half was a tightly contested battle, and it was only a late goal from Tomaz in the 29th minute, a spectacular volley, that disrupted the balance and proved crucial for Jimbee Cartagena to lift the trophy. Tomaz’s stellar performance earned him the MVP honors of the grand final, adding to the significance of the team’s historic triumph.

This victory holds special meaning for Jimbee Cartagena, considering the disappointment of the previous season’s Copa de España final, where Barcelona emerged victorious. The redemption achieved in the Spanish Futsal Supercup final underscores the team’s growth and determination to overcome past setbacks.

Legacy Forged: Jimbee Cartagena's Unprecedented Triumph in the Spanish Futsal Supercup

Source of the picture: RFEF

The team from Cartagena, founded in 1993, has reached a significant milestone with this triumph. The achievement reflects the culmination of years of dedicated effort and a strategic shift in planning, particularly under the leadership of coach Duda. The success serves as a testament to the team’s commitment to excellence and the vision instilled by Coach Duda.

After the final, Futsal Focus had the opportunity to speak with Coach Duda about the journey to this historic victory.

FF: Congratulations on the historic victory in the Spanish Futsal Supercup final! How does it feel to secure the debut title for Jimbee Cartagena, especially after the disappointment in the previous season’s Copa del Rey final?

Duda: Thank you very much, this achievement fills me with a profound sense of joy intertwined with the satisfaction of a duty fulfilled. It serves as a testament to our ability to achieve greatness and proves to ourselves that we are capable of remarkable feats. Reflecting on our journey, especially in the context of the Copa del Rey final, I am convinced that every shared experience within our group contributes to their collective maturity/ growth and continuous improvement.

FF: The match against FC Barcelona showcased a fantastic comeback. Can you walk us through the team’s mindset and strategy, particularly in preventing Barcelona from imposing themselves, and taking the lead?

Duda: While the overarching strategy remains consistent, there has been a notable enhancement in the team’s response to adversity, as I previously highlighted. The group has demonstrated significant maturation, and the positive influence of our new signings has also played a pivotal role in our improved dynamics.

Legacy Forged: Jimbee Cartagena's Unprecedented Triumph in the Spanish Futsal Supercup

Source of the picture: RFEF

FF: The ‘Cartagenero’ team’s journey began in 1993. How do you see this historic achievement, especially after the culmination of years of dedicated effort and a strategic shift in planning, especially under your leadership, Coach Duda? And can you talk us through the changes you have made over the years to achieve this success?

Duda: Futsal in Cartagena has consistently held a significant position, and upon my decision to join the Cartagena team, I was well aware of its prominence. The journey has witnessed both highs and lows, often attributed to the challenges of securing a steady sponsor. The advent of Jimbee, however, ushered in a period of stability, and catalysing notable growth. As the head coach since my arrival, our primary focus has been on meticulously organising the club, beginning with the coaching staff. Subsequently, we’ve taken gradual steps to shape the squad in alignment with our envisioned game model.

FF: What is next for the club in terms of development steps to continue improving and aiming for more success?

Duda: The overall progress of the club extends beyond technical enhancements, encompassing improvements in communication and management. This holistic approach not only ensures sustainability but also contributes to achieving superior on-court results, fostering increased fan engagement and participation. Beyond the immediate focus on our senior teams, we are diligently cultivating talent from the grassroots level, a strategic investment that promises to yield positive results in the medium and long term. It is crucial to consistently prioritise all these facets — communication, administration, and youth development — alongside our sporting endeavours to maintain stability in results. Our objective is not merely perpetual victory but enduring recognition as a formidable contender for titles.

Futsal Focus thanks Alejandro Méndez Bernal at Jimbee Cartengena for assisting Futsal Focus with this interview!

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