Mansfield Town Football Club embrace Futsal

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Posting anything about Futsal developing Football players is always controversial in the Futsal community, it causes a lot of debate around whether this kind of post or promoting this way of thinking damages Futsal as a product and as a sport in its own right.

Mansfield Town Football Club

In countries, however, where Futsal doesn’t have a long history or is virtually non-existent, Futsal enthusiasts believe that engaging with the base that enjoys the footballing format, and the Football industry to embrace Futsal as a development tool will in turn help to attract more people to the sport and therefore build the Futsal market/ community in these countries.  Using England as an example, players such as England Futsal Internationals Rob Ursell, Stuart Cooke, Doug Reed, Liam Palfreeman who moved from Football to Futsal are examples of attracting players. Plus, Premier League Football player for Wolverhampton Wanderers Max Kilman was an England Futsal International. You can read an interview Max give to the Guardian ‘I’ve Benefited from Futsal. I learned how to play’, via this link:

When the video below was posted by Mansfield Town FC on their Twitter page, Stuart Cooke retweeted it along with:

“Great to see this. As someone who twin tracked for a decade. Regardless of level, every player will see benefits in speed of thought process. Whether I was any good at football or not, most people said I made it look easy. It often was, felt like I had all the time in the world.”

Liam Palfreeman who currently plays in Italy for Asd Olimpus Roma is an example of a Football player realising that Futsal appeal to him and his skillset more than Football did.

In the video, Mike Whitlow, Mansfield Town’s U18s coach and Michael Skubala England Senior International Futsal team manager discuss the benefits of having Futsal as part of their football curriculum. To hear what both coaches had to say and the players about Futsal as part of their development, click on the video below:

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