Official confirmation concerning the collaboration between Atletico and Inter

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After much news and speculation from various news channels in Spain, InterMovistar has officially stated what their relationship with Athletico Madrid will be going forward.

As our contacts in Spain confirmed, the relationship between the clubs was true but going forward Inter Movistar will continue with their current name and not Atletico Madrid. However, the clubs will work together on a commercial, social and player development bases. Inter Movistar will benefit from the relationship of working with one of Spain and Europe’s best teams and this association will help to grow awareness of the brand and activities not only in Spain but across Europe.

Atletico Madrid is interested in using Inter Movistar’s expertise in Futsal and player development at their academy while also providing opportunities for players, especially at an amateur level and for their fans, the pathways for enjoying and benefiting from playing and developing through Futsal. Atletico hopes that the skills their Acadamy players learn will later translate onto the larger pitch. And, in turn, this relationship could potentially increase Inter Movistar’s fanbase and match day attendance.



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