Omagh Futsal Club’s “Futsal for All” Initiative Clinches Project of the Year Award

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In a resounding victory for inclusivity and community engagement, Omagh and Fermanagh’s Futsal for All project has secured the coveted Project of the Year title at Sport NI’s prestigious SportMaker awards.

Source of the main picture: Sport NI

This recognition underscores the project’s remarkable impact, which transcends the boundaries of traditional sports programs. What began as a men’s only team has rapidly evolved into a beacon of inclusivity, catering to over 850 participants spanning various demographics, including age groups, genders, and ethnic minorities.
The driving force behind this initiative, Martin Cassidy, Chairman of Omagh Futsal Club, expressed his delight at the project’s evolution, emphasizing its commitment to creating opportunities for all members of the community to engage with the sport.

From establishing academies for youths to pioneering programs for individuals with disabilities, refugees, and women, Futsal for All stands as a testament to the transformative power of sport in fostering social cohesion and empowerment.

Sport NI representatives surprised Cassidy with the award during one of the project’s sessions, highlighting the profound impact it has had on the local community. Participants and parents alike echoed sentiments of gratitude, emphasizing the invaluable sense of camaraderie and support fostered by the initiative.
Moreover, the project’s commitment to capacity-building through coaching, officiating, and volunteering opportunities has not gone unnoticed. By offering free coaching courses and certifications, Omagh Futsal Club has not only enhanced the sport’s profile but also ensured the project’s long-term sustainability.

In congratulating Futsal for All on their well-deserved accolade, Richard Archibald, Interim CEO of Sport NI, commended the project’s unwavering dedication to breaking down barriers and transforming lives through sport.

As the sporting community celebrates this remarkable achievement, Futsal for All serves as a shining example of how grassroots initiatives can drive meaningful change and foster a culture of inclusivity and empowerment within society.

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