Record Season Ticket Sales and Excitement Build as Mallorca Palma Futsal Kicks Off New Season

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The Mallorcan team concludes the season ticket campaign by reaching the highest number in its history and that of the Son Moix arena. This Saturday, they kick off the season at home against Manzanares.

The Municipal Sports Palace of Son Moix has a new record for season ticket holders to start this season. Mallorca Palma Futsal concludes its membership campaign by reaching 3,300 season ticket holders for this season, the highest number in its history and a record for the arena, which has never before reached the figures it has achieved with futsal in recent seasons. The club has been forced to close the campaign in the week of their home debut after selling out all available seats.

The season ticket campaign focuses on preserving the essence that has propelled Mallorca Palma Futsal to the top in its twenty-fifth anniversary. Under the slogan “Som com som perquè sabem qui som” (We are who we are because we know who we are), the club has highlighted the values that characterize it and that, despite being crowned European champions, will remain unshakable. This team has reaffirmed its identity as a humble and tenacious entity, accustomed to facing challenges both on and off the field, with limited resources that require extraordinary efforts to compete at the highest level. In addition, Mallorca Palma Futsal has emphasized its commitment to the Mallorcan community and its dedication to promoting futsal, a sport that was virtually unknown on the island before the club’s arrival.

Record Season Ticket Sales and Excitement Build as Mallorca Palma Futsal Kicks Off New Season

Source of the image; Mallorca Palma Futsal website

The success of this campaign reflects the solid fan base that Mallorca Palma Futsal has built over the years. The fan base has become one of the fundamental pillars of the club, filling the Son Moix stadium for every game and selling out tickets for the Velòdrom Illes Balears. In the last season, the average number of spectators in games played at the arena was around 3,500, which has significantly contributed to raising the popularity of the club and futsal in the Balearic Islands.

This Saturday, at 7:00 PM, Mallorca Palma Futsal will reunite with its fans at the Municipal Sports Palace of Son Moix to play their first home game of the season against Quesos El Hidalgo Manzanares. Last season, the Mallorcan team had its best regular season in history, with only one draw in fifteen home games. Starting this weekend, Vadillo’s team will aim to continue in the same vein and give the fans another victory in their return home.

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