Revolutionizing Women’s Futsal: UEFA Unveils Expanded Championship Format for 2027

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Embracing Evolution: UEFA’s Strategic Shift for Women’s Futsal EURO 2027


In response to the exciting introduction of the inaugural FIFA Futsal Women’s World Cup in 2025, UEFA has made significant adjustments to the format of the European Women’s Futsal Championship. The originally planned 2024-25 edition of the championship has been canceled to make way for a transition to a four-year cycle. This strategic move aligns with the global expansion of women’s futsal and provides teams with ample time to prepare for the next pinnacle event.

(Main picture source: UEFA Futsal Facebook page)

As part of these enhancements, the number of teams participating in the final tournament will undergo a notable increase, expanding from four to eight. This expansion not only reflects the growing prominence and competitiveness of women’s futsal but also offers more nations the opportunity to showcase their talent on the European stage. The shift to an eight-team format promises to elevate the intensity and drama of the UEFA Women’s Futsal EURO, creating a platform for even more thrilling encounters and fostering the development of the sport across the continent.

With this announcement Head of Futsal Competitions at UEFA, Laurent Morel posted:

“While this may not be today’s headline, it certainly stands out as another top piece of news for Futsal. Alongside the launch of the FIFA Women’s Futsal World Cup 2025, this development will help foster the women’s game and open up broad new horizons! A much-deserved recognition for a segment that is often underrated.”

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