Danish Futsal

Greenland's Rising Star: The Extraordinary Path of William Gantzhorn
Discover the incredible journey of William Gantzhorn, a Greenlandic talent. From Greenisland to Denmark and now with SK Örebro in Sweden. Gantzhorn's story is a testament to perseverance, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence.
Hjørring Futsal Klub, the perfect example of professional amateurism
Every amateur futsal club should read this interview. The club development steps discussed by Peter Steen, Chairman of Hjørring Futsal Klub and the leadership he and his colleagues have shown is an example to all involved in amateur futsal.
Danish Futsal International Goalkeeper Christoffer Haag signs for Italian A2 Club
Christoffer Haag is the second Danish International to move to Italy and shows the growing player talent pool in Denmark.