Youth Olympics

Brazil’s Olympic Committee excludes futsal from their domestic youth games
Brazil’s Olympic Committee's decision to exclude futsal from their domestic youth games has been challenged by the sport, the public, and the government asking them to explain their decision and to reverse it!
Exclusive: Futsal, FIFA, and the Youth Olympics in Dakar, Senegal, Africa 2026
Futsal Focus discussed futsal at the 2018 Youth Olympics, and the next competition taking place in 2026 with the Head of Olympics, Futsal & Beach Soccer at FIFA, Kasra Haghighi.
A record 12,632 fans watched Jaén Paraíso Interior Fútbol Sala win the Spanish Futsal Cup
Jaén Paraíso Interior Futbol Sala defeat Inter Movistar in Spanish Futsal Cup final in front of a record 12,632 fans, a major stepping stone for the sport amongst other developments happening this around the world in the Futsal industry.
The 2018 Youth Olympics, Argentina, Buenos Aires
In October, a future Ricardinho or Falcao in their own right will grace the court, entertain the crowd and enjoy the spirit of the Olympic atmosphere for the first time. And, already, nations are preparing for the competitions as are many from the Futsal community planning on being at the…