7.3 million people watch Portugal v Serbia highlights on Futsal Focus

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Last year on January 19th, Portugal played Serbia in Group A of the UEFA Futsal EURO. The match finished 2-4 to Portugal and it was an end-to-end action-packed game, and very entertaining. Even though the competition had been impacted by COVID and there was no audience allowed, in this match, you wouldn’t have noticed if there was a crowd or not, even if there had been a crowd, it was gripping. After the match, I was looking online to find the highlights so I could publish them because I loved the game. Finally, I found the match highlights and published them.

Five days later, the match highlights had gone viral and were watched by over two million people. Today, just 4 days from when they were published a year ago, 7.3 million people have watched the highlights. In addition to over 12 million reached, 129,000 likes,  1.5 thousand shares, and 268 comments. In the comments, there are many novices asking where can they play futsal, amazed by what they are seeing, praising the match, and fans stating they had watched it live, etc. Hundreds of thousands more have watched other highlights of the competition and since I founded Futsal Focus in 2012, many millions have watched all kinds of futsal content via Futsal Focus platforms. The next 5 years are very exciting for the sport with a FIFA Women’s Futsal World Cup planned, should it take place in that time period, and a Futsal tournament at the 2026 Youth Olympics for the second edition in a row. Along with domestic futsal developments happening around the world, albeit markets are developing at different paces, but still in the right direction.

If you have not seen the highlights of the match, you can watch them below:

Futsal Focus

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