A successful start to the National Futsal Series

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The long wait finally came to an end at the weekend when the first fixtures of the National Futsal Series kicked off in England.


The weekend before was the official launch at half-time during the England v Germany international friendly at St Georges Park but at the weekend the fixtures kicked off with:

National Futsal Series Tier 1

  • Manchester Futsal Club 4 – 6 ProFutsal London
  • Bolton Futsal Club 3 – 2 Loughborough Students Futsal Club
  • Kent United Futsal Club 1 – 4 Team United Birmingham
  • Worcester Futsal Club 2 -7 London Helvecia Futsal Club


National Futsal Series Tier 2 North

  • Durham Palatinates 3 – 4 Derby Futsal Club
  • University of Nottingham Futsal National 4 – 14 Cheshire Futsal Club
  • Loughborough Students Futsal Club Develo 13 – 3 Sunderland University Team


National Futsal Series Tier 2 South

  • London Baku United 2 – 5 London Escolla Futsal Club
  • Sussex Futsal Club 9 – 2 MK Mavericks Futsal Club
  • Bedford Futsal Club 14 – 2 Kent United Futsal Club Development
  • London Genesis Men 14 – 3 Chelsea Foundation Futsal


The women’s league has yet to kick-off but will do so in October. However, the reaction to the leagues’ new format and the fixtures taking place in designated venues instead of a home and away format has been positively received. Clubs have posted and tweeted across social media praising the new structure and clubs who hosted each divisional games such as Kent United at Medway Park for Tier 1 supported by the Kent FA. In Tier 2 North the hosts were Durham and in Tier 2 South it was Sussex Futsal Club supported by Sussex County FA. Next weeks fixtures for Tier 1 will be hosted by Manchester Futsal Club supported by Manchester FA.

A successful start to the National Futsal Series

When the final whistles blew Tina Reed Futsal Competitions Officer for the FA tweeted:

Via the gfc_tv Twitter, we also got to see this great goal by Stuart Cook for Bolton Futsal Club before he had to come off due to an unfortunate injury:

Going forward, Futsal Focus has learned that National Futsal Series matches will soon become available via the online live streaming platform mycujoo so we all look forward to that. Without a doubt, this is an exciting development for Futsal in England and hopefully, it will be a success this season and the other FAs in the U.K(Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) will follow suit.

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