All India Football Federation announced a new Futsal Club Competition

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The All India Football Federation (AIFF) has announced a new Futsal Club Competition to be part of the AIFF competition calendar from the 2020 season. The executive committee of the national football board passed the mandate unanimously in a meeting in New Delhi on 10 December.

“As part of AIFF’s holistic plan to develop Indian football and involve all sections into the playing community. We look forward to Futsal bringing in a significant change in the demographics of Indian Football. From that aspect, the Futsal Championship will surely add more value,” General Sectary of AIFF, Kushal Das said.

Das added that the format will attract youth both boys and girls and help enhance their skills in the game. AIFF Techincal Director Isac Doru also complimented this decision. He adds: “It is played at a fast pace, demands fast thought process. We at AIFF strongly feel Futsal should be a part of the National Planning Agenda of football.”

Futsal fever has slowly increased in India with several turfs and natural grounds among options for the youth. However, Futsal is just not for youth. With a new league on its way into the Indian Footballing calendar, we will have to see if the recognition it gets from AIFF will help it attract the popularity it needs to be sustainable.

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