Inspiration, motivation, role model, Great Britain & Ireland’s most successful Futsal player Rico Zulkarnain

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Two years ago, Rico Zulkarnain contacted Futsal Focus with the promotional video below, he was playing for Cardiff University, he had broken into the Welsh Futsal national team and was already making a big impact for his country. This video changed his life forever.

Today, Rico, who only started to play Futsal 3 years ago, can look back on a career to be proud of and be excited about, especially about the many more memories to be made and achievements to come, like he says, ” I can see the future because I am creating it.”

He is his country’s top goal-scorer, Wales’ first professional futsal player, he has won every title in Wales, he won the Indonesian Futsal League scoring two goals in the final on live TV and in front of over 6,000 fans and he played against the Pele of Futsal Falcao in the States where he also won the World Futsal Championships. Rico has been playing in Australia for the last year where he has won a number of Most Value Player Awards and nearly every domestic title, he has scored goals that have been watched by millions around the world and played against the best in the NAS Sports Tournament in Dubai. Recently, he played with Falcao in Melbourne, Australia at the Futsal Oz Live event against Bayern Munich’s Douglas Costa. Soon he will fly out to the States again to play either with or against Falcao or Ricardinho among other stars plus he will defend the World Futsal Championships trophy for the second year in a row. After the competition, he will return to Cardiff to compete in the UEFA Futsal Cup and in September he will announce where in the world he will be playing next. And it all started with this video below.

The point of this article that is if you want to be noticed and you truly believe that you have the talent to make it, then start promoting yourself, put yourself out there despite what anyone says and you never know where that act of courage might take you.

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