Corinthians are the champions of the National Futsal League in Brazil with a spectacular comeback

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Timão scored five goals in the last two minutes of the game, four of them in long shots for an open goal, and defeated Atlântico 5-1.


What a spectacular turnaround! And in the opponent’s house! Corinthians were crowned the champions of the 2022 National Futsal League, scoring five goals in the last two minutes of the game and beating Atlântico by 5 goals to 1. The final was at Ginásio Caldeirão do Galo in Erechim, Rio Grande do Sul.

Timão, who had already won the LNF in 2016, just needed a tie for the bi, because in the first game, in Parque São Jorge, they thrashed Galo de Erechim 6-2 at home, to take the championship decision into extra time, where they would have the advantage of a draw for having the best campaign during the season. And they were winning by 1 to 0 until there were two minutes left when Deives tied for Corinthians. Galo then went all or nothing, and left their goal without a goalkeeper, leaving it wide open for Allan, Lé, Lucas Martins, and Henrique to kick from afar and score, closing the game at 5 to 1.

The final started badly, with more than ten minutes late for the start of the game due to confusion between Corinthians officials and the organization of the match. But finally, they entered the court, and through the confusion to the corner.

Corinthians just needed a draw, and even then they started the game attacking more and with more ball possession than Atlântico, who needed to win to take it into extra-time. Goalkeeper João Paulo, from Galo, had to work a lot in the first half, with some beautiful saves, one of them very difficult due to a strong shot by Deives.

13 minutes from the end of the first half, Atlântico began to reorganize themselves and find some spaces. Substitutions in both teams also benefited Galo, as their bench was able to impose a more consistent volume of play than Timão’s. Still, no one managed to open the scoring, and the first period ended in a 0-0 that benefited the Corinthians.

Was the game environment warm? It was. But, the game heated up after the break. Especially after, with 15 minutes to go in the second half, Rick advanced on the left and passed right to Érick, face to face with goalkeeper Lucas. Who managed to defend the first attack, but the ball was left for Érick’s second shot. This time he didn’t waste the chance and opened the scoring, 1-0 to Atlântico, taking away the advantage that Corinthians had. With that result, the game would go to overtime and the advantage of the draw would be for the Atlântico.

Corinthians then went on the attack. Seconds after conceding the goal, he was entitled to a direct free kick, which Tatinho charged with force, but JP saved it. With 5 minutes to go, he went all out and put goalkeeper Yan on the court. The pressure paid off.

With just over 2 minutes to go, Levy launched Canabarro on the right wing and he saw the top scorer Deives well placed in the small area. Deives received the goal face-to-face and kicked the first time, tying the match. It was Rooster’s turn to go all or nothing. The problem is that desperation seemed to hit, and the incursions of the Atlântico into the attack happened in a messy way, leaving the goal completely unprotected.

Corinthians players, attentive, did not waste the opportunity. They kicked from afar and hit the open goal not once, not twice, not three, but four times: Allan, Lé, Lucas Martins, and Henrique left their marks at intervals of seconds. And Corinthians experienced a moment of catharsis with this title won with a rout at the end.

You can watch the match highlights below:

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