Northern Ireland’s first Youth Futsal League launches in North Down & Ards

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Over the weekend, Irish FA Regional Grassroots Development Officer, Kyle Spiers announced the launch of the first Youth Futsal League in Northern Ireland. A development that ties in with the Irish Football Association’s  2016-20 futsal strategy statement to create competitive opportunities for male and female clubs, both youth and senior, on a regional basis across Northern Ireland.  This news will delight the local futsal community and will hopefully lead to further leagues being developed across the country. You can read the Association’s strategy in the related article link:

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The governing body is currently developing  a new strategy for the sport which we hope to see released this year.

Next year, the third edition of the UEFA Futsal U19 EURO will take place in Croatia. In the next couple of years, it would be great to see the Irish FA develop a U19 team. The Association has already shown leadership in this region, developing not only a men’s team but a women’s team as well, along with a dedicated Futsal Federation. The Federation’s committee is made up of the national league’s club members.

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