FA National Futsal Series moments from 2019-20 season

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The first season of the FA National Futsal Series (The new league structure launched by the FA last year for futsal at its pinnacle) unfortunately ended short, like all sports. However, to remember the progress that English futsal has made and some special moments during the season, the FA National Futsal Series made this video.

Frustrating news came out recently from the FA through their Director of Football Development John Kendell that indoor sports are still on hold and restricted under Coronavirus guidelines for indoor sports:

FA National Futsal Series moments from 2019-20 season


Despite this, however, news continues to be tweeted and posted by the FA National Futsal Series about their Men’s and Women’s leagues (Women’s Super Series) that clubs are continuing to join and apply for both the Men’s second-tier and women’s league which is great to see. The clubs should be very proud of the great first edition of the league that they helped to organize and deliver especially adapting quickly to the new format and expectations to improve the product and image of futsal in England. We look forward to seeing how the second season takes off.

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