Futsal in England

Bloomsbury Futsal's UEFA Champions League Journey, Challenges, and Preparations
Bloomsbury Futsal's ascent from English Futsal dominance to participation in their first-ever UEFA Champions League. Head Coach Juan Tapia-Owens discusses the UEFA draw experience and their preparations for the upcoming challenge.
Pokémon Futsal Youth Cup: Over 1,000 teams from 32 counties in England took part
The winners of the Pokémon Futsal Youth Cup have been announced, following a season that saw over a thousand teams from 32 counties participate in the competition.
Vanarama National League Club Maidenhead United embrace Futsal
Maidenhead United FC's merger with Reading Royals Futsal Club is a huge boost for futsal development in their region. The club aims to build a solid foundation, their academy, community and sponsorship relations before pursuing ambitious goals.
A look back at Brazil national futsal team’s visit to England
Mary Pacitti, a UEFA B Futsal Coach and Chair of the Hertfordshire FA Women and Girls Committee, and Doug Reed, a former England Futsal International discuss their experience at the recent Brazilian national futsal team event in England.
The English Football Association announces the launch of England Futsal
English Football Association announces the launch of England Futsal, but what exactly the future holds for English futsal is still unclear and up in the air.
FA National Futsal Series Matchday Two Preview
Futsal Focus journalist Isaac Barrington provides you with thoughts and insights into developments, and performances ahead of this weekend's men's and women's FA National Futsal Series Matchday Two games.
Questions remain as England return to the International Futsal Stage
Questions remain as England returns to the International Futsal stage concerning the FA's support for the sport and its development in England.
Almeida’s Farewell is Loughborough Students’ European Adventure
Joao Almeida led Loughborough to a very creditable 10th place finish in the European University Sports Association's futsal tournament, the best achievement of any British University in the competition to date. And, is now the national team head coach of Lebanon.
PSA Futsal Club, a leading futsal development programme with over 200 children in England
PSA Futsal Club, a leading futsal development programme with over 200 children in England has secured a partnership with National Futsal Series club, Derby Futsal!
The National Futsal Series in England signs a 3 year deal with BT Sport
A new three-year agreement between the National Futsal Series and BT Sport will see seven weekends of the 2021/22 National Futsal Series Men’s Tier One and Women’s Super Series season shown live on BT Sport.