Futsal in England

The National Futsal Series in England signs a 3 year deal with BT Sport
A new three-year agreement between the National Futsal Series and BT Sport will see seven weekends of the 2021/22 National Futsal Series Men’s Tier One and Women’s Super Series season shown live on BT Sport.
BT Sport 1 broadcasting the FA National Futsal Series Grand Finals on Sunday
History will be made for English futsal this Sunday when BT Sport 1 broadcasts the FA National Futsal Series Grand Finals for the very first time.
Professional futsal player Jose Carlos joins LNFS England as Technical Advisor
Jose Carlos will be working with LNFS England clubs to improve the standard of futsal played on the court and to assist in transferring knowledge from LNFS in Madrid.
Profutsal London becomes Bloomsbury Futsal
ProFutsal London will join Bloomsbury Football, under the Charity’s umbrella it will become Bloomsbury Futsal, an add-on for the Futsal specific sector.
Lamb: Debut goal significant in more ways than one
Bolton defeated Worcester 7-1 in which Tom Lamb scored a significant goal to complete a notable performance in the FA National Futsal Series.
Futsal developments happening in England
Futsal developments happening in England which provides the sport and the clubs with increased exposure, awareness and aids English futsal development.
LNFS and the NFL announces partnership to create LNFS ENGLAND
The Spanish LNFS has today announced a partnership with the National Futsal League in England, a collaboration which will create LNFS England.
The fight for the future of English futsal
The FA have reduced their support for futsal but the futsal community is determined to fight for the future of their sport. Futsal Focus takes a look at some of the activities happening in the English futsal community.
UEFA Futsal EURO qualifiers and the England national futsal team
Futsal Focus takes a look at the EUROs and the England national futsal team's current situation and discusses some of the issues the sport is currently facing.
What next for Futsal in England???
The English FA pulled their support for the development of futsal blaming COVID 19 for their reasoning leading to a backlash domestically and internationally.

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