The National Futsal Series in England signs a 3 year deal with BT Sport

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A new three-year agreement between the National Futsal Series and BT Sport will see seven weekends of the 2021/22 National Futsal Series Men’s Tier One and Women’s Super Series season shown live on BT Sport.

The National Futsal Series was established in 2019 and incorporates 43 teams in five divisions across England, including both men’s and women’s teams.

The coverage includes all playoffs and finals and over a typical weekend will see BT Sport broadcast four matches live from each of the men’s and women’s competitions. This means that 110 hours of futsal will be played on BT Sport across the season, split equally between the women’s and men’s game. The first match weekend to be broadcast live on BT Sport is the weekend of October 9 and 10 which will see a match up for the two powerhouses of English futsal: London Helvecia and Bloomsbury futsal. A repeat of this year’s Summer Showdown final, which saw London Helvecia clinch their place in the UEFA Futsal Champions League. Men’s Tier 1 matches not televised on BT Sport will be made available to all via the National Futsal Series YouTube channel.

Simon Green, head of BT Sport, said: “Today’s news deepens BT Sport’s support for all levels and versions of football, with our coverage spanning grassroots, semi-professional, disability and elite forms of the game. We are looking forward to helping the top-flight futsal league in England reach new heights and support the long-term ambitions to drive more participation in the sport.”

Paul Szumilewicz, Managing Director of the National Futsal Series, said: “This is the biggest broadcast commitment ever in the history of English futsal league competitions and we are delighted that BT Sport has recognised the potential of futsal. The increased visibility the deal will bring to the NFS will help the league and the sport of futsal connect to new and wider audiences. We’re looking forward to working with BT Sport to take futsal to a whole new level never seen before in this country.”

With this statement released by the National Futsal Series, we have had a few messages from followers asking why the FA is pushing all this development this year at the domestic league level, yet, pulling their support for their elite pathway and  their own national team. The answer is, the National Futsal Series though is officially called the FA National Futsal Series, is not a part of the FA, they only take their name currently because it gives the league credibility and an FA representative (Graeme Dell) sits on the board. However, the league is an independent body from the FA, and it is this leagues senior management and board driving the domestic game forward.

If you never saw the FA National Futsal Series One/ Summer Showdown Final on BT Sport this year, you can watch it below:

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